Wednesday, October 10, 2007


TOEtally Psyched, I Think

IronCross V is just a few days away, time to get psyched.

Saturday is the start of the VaCX series, time to get psyched!
The Poor Farm Fall Cup is this weekend, time to get psyched. Good luck to JB and those entered. I'm sure AC has a killer course planned ...... time to get PSCYHED!
George is hosting the last road race of the year is down in NC. Good luck to KJ, Tyler and everyone else making the trip. Time to GET PSYCHED!!
Trebon won CX Vegas . Vervecken won day 1 up in Lon GUYland - Then Wicks did it the next day. Time to REALLY get psyched. Click on the Cylocross Videos button on the left to see some video of it.

If you can't get excited about cross - go get your pulse checked, then go get a cowbell ...... A BIG ONE!

Some reports on last years IronCX IV, for your reading pleasure :

Alicia Parr

Oswald Cycle Works

Making Circles

Danielle Musto

Gary Hill - who came over from Europe

and an old report on IronCross III by Nate Deibert

and a picture to get you MORE psyched - The last part of the multi-crawl up. Got to meet and chat with Mike Kuhn on a preride. All those dudes are wicked fast. Very personable guy. Super fit. He was kind enough to wait at the top of the crawlups.

and if that aint enough to check you pumped up ........ well .......... check THIS out :

yes, Rob Jebb will be at IronCross. Three Peaks was actually cancelled this year . 'Eeze cum across fer da suffrin'

Give Your Big Toe a Hug Day

I'm looking for my camera battery charger so I can can take a pic of my bludgeoned big toe. Big toes are sort of funny ... haha .... and very underappreciated. They just sit down there, taking up space in our shoe, and making there relatives look small. We really take them for granted until they aren't working right, then we realize how important they are. So give your big toes a HUGE hug today to let them know how much you care.

Riding on the road isn't too bad as long as I don't hit any bumps. Can't stand on the pedals. It's getting better day by day, but will it be ready for the weekend? Only time will tell, and it isn't talking ........

No CX practice tonight. Gonna TRY and ride CX bike through Seashore and see how it goes.



Hope you're feeling better and Mr. Stability stops throbbing.
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