Wednesday, April 18, 2007



The fixey gets some new handlebars.

Some would ask Y?

Some wouldn't.

I say Y NOT?

The Tour de Georgia was more than likely decided today as a break of 6-8 got away and stayed away, finishing with a 7-8 mile lead. With many teams represented, the peleton was not motivated to chase.

They have a slick looking live interface that almost works some of the time. But it is free. The last descent looked wicked fast and quite sketchy, maybe it was the shakey internet video feed, maybe not. The leaders were FLYING down the thing. One of 'em went over a guard rail but finished nonetheless.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Questions Answered

1st - (Bike) Lust never ends, heck it probaly drives the whole US Economy in one form or another. Just check out these new Lew Wheels (JD told me about 'em on the ride Friday).


Some lust is never meant to be sated. Doesn't mean we can't dream.
But the Vegas test ride DOES seem like a nifty idea ......... I do have a birthday coming up .....

2nd - Yes those Reynolds wheels look good on just about any Team C'Dale.
Bad weather forces cancellation of the Crit this weekend.

Friday, April 13, 2007


One of THOSE Days?!

6 riders started at 7AM for a ride of many lengths.

Every now and then you have one of those days. You know what I'm talkin' about. Legs are bottomless pits of endless energy. Every time you ask 'em for more, it comes easily. Breathing is deep and easy, you're never gasping for air. You know you'll NEVER get dropped ................

Well today definitely WASN'T one of them....... But it was still fun.

Cool and windy. Sunny. Might've been the best day of the weekend? We'll see. Nor'easter forecast for the next 2 days.

Team C'Dale equipped for the long ride and ready to gather data. Looking for 100 miles (that's 160.93 km).
Afterwards I find myself staring blankly at pretty graphs and trying to decipher strange acronyms. FWIW - 3,862 kJoules today, with a TSS of 322 and an IF of .858. Damn, I'm starting to sound like Dave. Now if I only knew what it all meant.

JDiesel got us through the long flat (windy) roads of south VB.

At the bridge we traded his engine for JMissle,who was out there doing hill repeats.

Pleasant surprise hooking up w/ the AAB guys, somewhere by Northwest River Park. Two more strong engines to pull us through and across the 15-20mph wind. After 2.5 hours, time to turn for home.
Skinny Steve and Amos were killin' it.

Creed's is still a great place to refuel. Liz went off the front on a flyer and it took all five of us miles to reel her in.

Every now and then I forget there's an ocean here, and people spend hard earned cash to visit.
Tourist season is here. Weather or not.
Nothing like some Endurox slush for post ride relief. You know you've worked hard when that stuff actually tastes GOOD!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Cycling News

FIRST - The rest of the US OPEN race photos are up here.


The Tour DAY Georgia starts Monday with a prologue in Peachtree City. They did acquire AT&T as a major ($500k) sponsor. Many of the teams that were in the US Open will be down there for the race, including :

Health Net Presented by Maxxis (nice wheels)

Navigators Insurance Cycling Team

Team Slipstream Powered by Chipotle

Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team

BMC Racing Team

Jittery Joe’s - Zero Gravity Professional Cycling Team - Jittery Joe's star climber Cesar Grajales WILL be on the roster for the TdeG. He won the Brasstown Bald stage back in '04. He beat that guy, what's his name? Larry? Chance? Pants? Whatever. Cesar suffered a dislocated shoulder and broken wrist at the Redlands Classic just a short while ago, but will be up at at it.

Colavita/Sutter Home Presented by Cooking Light Team

Priority Health Cycling Team Presented by Bissell

Those that aren't on the TdeG roster will most likely be headed to Florida, for the Jacksonville Cycling Classic, the next race in the NRC series.

You want it, you got it. The folks at the Collective are in the process of making A 3rd film.
If you havn't seen the first 2, you should check 'em out. Ground breaking cinematography.
the collective
From the Collective Chronicle :

"The rumblings have been getting louder and we’re stoked to officially
confirm that the rumors are true. We are underway with production on a new film.
We have already done some shooting in the UK, California, and B.C. We have some
new concepts for this film and we’re looking forward to sharing some sneak peeks
sometime soon. Expected release is Spring 2008. Stay tuned. "

Hope the weather stays clear of the race on Sunday. So we can all get our

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


More Lust - When Will It End?

Seems like I wasn't the only one drooling over these wheels at the USOpen

OK, perennial strongman Henk Vogels (Toyota United) had a more valid (and strenuous) motivation to drool, but still,

They sure look nice on Team (Health Net/Maxxis) Cannondales,

I wonder how they'd look on my Team C'Dale?

Hmmm ...............

and by the way ....... just when you thought you could believe a marmot, the cold weather is back ...... brrrrrr ........when will it end?


Monday, April 09, 2007


USOpen Recap

Lots of stuff going through my weary brain after the whole USOpen experience.
As usual Mike at GamJams has some great links to many reports on the race.
Check the Love2RidePhoto blog to get links to some of my pics. More are going up as we speak .....
Also be sure to see the for 2 great writeups - WITH some awesome photography by myself (a rookie) and Kurt of Action Photos (a real pro). Had the chance to work next to Kurt off and on all day and was totally impressed by his professional style, his friendly attitude, and his results. He was one of the few (not me) that was totally ready for the elements. He got some fantastic shots while sitting on the back of a moto with the peleton on the way in. Don't think I'm quite ready for that move, ............ yet.

Being a photog on that level was harder than I expected. Not just the added pressure to be sure you had your camera settings spot on so you don't miss the shot, but the amount of work going through the files after the race to get them into the publishers fast.

Been relying more and more on manual settings, including focus. Seems like autofocus works great until you really need the shot, then it reads the wrong point, or the rider is closing too fast for the camera to adjust.
Found myself falling asleep in front of the computer Saturday evening many times. I did learn a ton, and will be better prepared next time. It seemed like EVERYONE was taking pictures out there, and there were no shortage of pro photogs. I was really pretty pleased with my results, but need to streamline my post processing a bit to save time and get more sleep.

Going through hundreds of photo after a race certainly isn't something new, and as usual, comes with nice surprises. Every race has many, many, moves, but only one ends up defining the outcome. It's nice when you see that you were in the right place at the right time to catch it.
Pat McCarty (far left) made that move with just over 3 laps to go on the way up the Main Street hill. I'm probably 1/4 mile away, using my longest lens all the way out, on a monopod. Libby Hill got all the publicity as "the hill" of the race. With it's cobbles, great views for spectaters, and a Jumbotron TV, it deserved it. But it was the long climb up Main that led to another longer one past the Governers mansion that really tested the riders.

The production end of things was awe inspiring. What a mountain of logistical details just running a race like that. Then throw in "live" (delayed) coverage by NBC. Bobke, Al, John, and crew on site in a tent (and on the Jumbotron) doing what they do best. Add in the weather on top of that. With the start delayed 90 minutes the NBC TV race coverage actually started as the live race was finishing.
Even more impressive was that it was Red5 Sports FIRST race. Richard Durishin, the principal, doesn't even consider himself a cyclist. The day after the event he told me, "I just really love the sport and think everyone should have a chance to watch it". WOW.

The roads on the way to the start

and on the way back to Richmond.

It really was heart warming to see some Cities and an entire State open their arms to professional cycling like that. From the looks of things the event will go on next year, and for years to come.


Saturday, April 07, 2007


Some Random Shots

The day had it all. Beyond Epic


Did Someone Say Weather?

Say it aint s(n)o(w) ...........

Friday, April 06, 2007



I rode/drove/looked at the USOpen Road course from Williamsburg to Richmond on Friday.

It's FAST. WICKED fast. Seemed like I was constantly going downhill. There will NOT be any breaks getting away on the race into the city. The roads are smooth and vary from the wide and highly traveled Rt 5, to narrow, twisty, tight, country lanes that seldom see traffic.

The last circuits through the city are VERY tough. Think Captech Classic with 3 times as much climbing and what seems to be 1 mile of cobbles each lap. Cobbles uphill at Libby St and cobbles downhill on Cary St. The city circuit (for the guys) is 30 blocks long from one end to the other. It's a beast to ride.

The Libby St climb comes all the way up from the River to the top of the hill near Chimborazo Park (for those who have raced the 3Sports Cross race). Once at the top of the hill, the racers won't have much time to enjoy the view as they fly down(hill) on Main St. and pass under Rt 95, where they begin another climb that doesn't peak until after a turn up 12th St that goes by the Governers Mansion.

5 long circuits and the race will be done.

Ran into a familiar face while checking out the course. Stopped and said hey. He seemed really interested in the Team frame on my car.
Very approachable, very professional, very easy to talk to, I was quite impressed.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Weather or NOT

Seems I spoke too soon.

5AM temps in the 40's. Good thing I could still find the winter gloves laying around the hut.

Nothing like a good pre dawn sweat in the chilly air to start the day. Seems like it's worked for years .....

'cause after all, Stayin' Healthy is what it's all about :

PS - The weather will continue to chill. The outlook for the USOpen will be cool and breezy.
Have to say I'm pretty geeked about going up there on assignment.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I wonder weather it will last?

Guess it's time to put the winter gloves away. Out at daybreak in short sleeves. Gotta luv it.

The usual suspects at the Tuesday 7:15er.

KJ cranks out the wake up call. Wake up legs, wake up.

Sure would be a great day to play hookie.



Monday, April 02, 2007


S- L- acker

Been pretty busy w/life, ridin/racin, and the photo stuff. With races every weekend it's hard to find the time, since as we know, it waits for no man. So it sure aint waitin for me.

Been gettin' some good rides in on the new team frame. Also tryin' to get the whole PowerTap thing sorted out. I rarely even use a bike computer, so switchin to full on Power training is a new thing. Thanks to the team and our resident Potentate of the PowerTap for workin' the great deals, and for the endless supply of knowledge, advice, and answers to my stupid questios.

Had the PT hub built up to a nice beefy (like me) ZIPP404 Clydesdale 32 hole. At 4.5 pounds w/tire & tube, it sure aint no sprinting/climbing wheel, but at this point Coach says data is far more important than results. I'm down with that.

Racin' up at Langley Speedway was a rush. My 3rd Crit of the year and finally finished with the group, avoided carnage (and there was PLENTY), and got a good ride on. But I gotta admit one thing - just hearing the sound of the wreckage gives me chills. Maybe I'm old and scared? Maybe just old. It's been great seeing the same folks each weekend. The AAB team has a great roster of good guys. Can't say I'm sorry Stevo will be upgrading, he'll be missed, but at least this way he'll be in more photos!

Also nice to have CD on the team roster, albeit incognito w/no team jersey yet. Was tempted to go with him on this break, but discretion and tactics conquered valor and stupidity for a change . He rode hard like the strong MTBer he is. Gotta say I was pretty miffed to see someone attack while a guy is still down, laying in the middle of the course, while we're being routed around him. Then go on to take the win. Sure not the kind of sportsmanship I thought his team represents.

Props to Shawn who nabbed a 3rd in C4. Never even saw him in the race till the finish line. That's the way to play your cards right.

Much too much to write about the TriPowerers. D-Bo was at his aggro best, attacking everytime his HR dropped back below 200. K-Dog put in 2 killer rides, with Crazy, SpeedyBill, TurboTim, and MarcoPolo all nabbing big points. We'll get a writeup on the team blog. I didn't even mention the ladies, with Carol getting the group sprint and BJ pulling down even more points.

K-Dog even gets the banner on GamGems for the week! Thanks Mike. Don't even think of doggin' the dogs jewelery. When you ride like that (and you're from Joisey) you can bling as many chains around your neck as you want.



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