Tuesday, July 19, 2005


It was bound to happen and it finally did

One - I started a blog.

I've enjoyed reading many good bicycle blogs for a while now. Hopefully some of ya'll out there will enjoy this one a bit. Does the world lead another cycling blog? Probably not, but its here anyway. This blog will go BOTH ways (get your mind out of the gutter). I'll try and post the current as WELL as the past. Although I subscribe to too many, it seems Cycling magazines just dont have any thing worth reading these days. I find it FAR more enjoyable, refreshing and entertaining reading about the adventures, struggles, trials, tribulations and joy of cycling written by everyday riders like those in the blogs I've read almost daily for a while.

Two - I finally got in with the Tuesday morning group road ride.
Its lead by the local Team Tripower .

I've seen them spinnin' away for years around here, but never got the nerve to join up. This morning I saw the crew heading the other way, so I did a U'ey and sprinted back. Luckily we were in a residential neighborhood and I could catch them.

Jimmy from the LBS takes an impromtu self appointed yellow sign sprint complete with the no handed victory salute. I saw his inked up legs flynig by and thought I recognized him. Then he pulled back and said hi. He's rollin' on the new C'Dale team Lampre frame all Campied out. Man if you're gonna ride like that its time to shelf that Saeco kit and throw on the right colors

After a brief regroup as we started back. I'd ridden with allot of these folks at local centuries and recognized many faces. I'm sure I wouldn't know them if they were standing right next to me with their helmets off in street clothes. I tried to make a bunch of excuses as to why I've never made it to the Saturday group ride (its the long standing classic and almost a right of passsage for a Va Bch roadie), but the truth is I figured I was just too slow!
We pull out and somehow I get 2nd in line as Jim pulls us up Atlantic at a quick but comfortable pace. Sheeeeit, I'm next in line............... I didn't really want to show my a$$ on the very first ride with the group! I take the pull as we turn onto Shore Dr. and make a concerted effort to keep the same pace, no higher no lower, into a slight headwind. I felt great, but after a few miles I noticed one of the Tri-Power guys (complete of course, with tri-bars) pulling up along side on the left. Cool, I was ready to tuck in anyway. Umm....... how do I pull off with him there? I'll definately have to work on my group riding skills and etiquette. So he kicks it up a notch and rolls on by. I start to slide off the front but he's gapped us already. Stupid instincts took over (or maybe it was too much of leTour on TV?), and I jump hard to get back on his wheel. My computer says we're on the high side of a quarter........ I dont have too many matches to burn at this speed........uh-oh! .

Baaaaad move. I get there and last all of 30 seconds till I pop like a hot kernal of oiled corn. I roll off again, this time too blown to even grab last wheel! Grrrr----ate, first time in the ride and I'm OTB already! Live and learn.
I raised my hand up to signal for the team car but no one came. See ya'll next week, when I'll work from the back!

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