Monday, January 14, 2008


Fixin' the Teeuwen Ride

and you didn't even know it was broke ....................

The last time I rode the fixer was at a RABA century last summer. Unfortunately one of the elbow pads blew off on the way up when the bike was on the roof rack. An impromptu replacement was made with a towel fragment and some 'lectrical tape. It worked just fine but fell short on style points.

If necessity is the mother of invention, who is the father?

So it was switched out before the Sunday ride.

Getting back on the fixer always involves a bit of trepidation and awkwardness at first. But it goes away quick. Got a feel for it on the way down to the shop to meet the crew. Still took another 20 miles or so to get comfortable in a close double pace line. 60-65 miles out to the Ruritan club. Temps in the high 40s. Got blasted by rain a few times, but it didn't last too long. Best thing about being cold and wet was having 12 or so friends out there to share it with. Everything dried out eventually except my feet. Shoulda had shoe covers.

One "rest" stop on the way. Why do I always catch Laura with her mouth full?

Not sure what was happening over by the outhouse, but someone paid me good money to blur the photo, thereby protecting the guilty.

A good crowd was gathered - the elusive DBo even made it out there. (Thanks for the ride home buddy)

The Teeuwen Ride is an annual event in honor of deceased local cycling icon Peter Teeuwen. It was my first time out to do it. We followed the PLT 24 mile time trial lollipop course. Fully escorted by police. Sweet. Lots of folks ahead and behind. A real nice post ride pot luck buffet too. Especially fine was the spicy chili! I thought, at 75+ riders, it was a pretty good crowd, but those that knew better said it was actually a small turnout. The weather kept those with less fortitude (or more common sense?) inside.

Considering my lack of time on the saddle this year (2-3 days a week), I felt pretty good. My foot wasn't even sore after it thawed out. 97 gear inches was a bit much for this ride, but a good workout anyway.



lyrics 4 the day :

"Lookin' back in front of me,
in the mirrors a grin,
through eyes of love I see,
I'm really lookin at a friend......"

Monday, January 07, 2008


Blogging Hiatus Soon to END!

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy, fun, and prosperous holiday(s)

What could possibly be going on here?

Photo by Harlan



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