Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Weekend Plans Run Amuk

Had big plans for the weekend.

MTBing Friday.

4 groups rides Saturday and more MTBing in the evening.

More MTBing Sunday.

Top secret heat training the following week.

Out at 5:25AM to finally make it down to the oceanfront for the beginning of of the Norwegian Lady/BlueTrain/6AM loop. Not many there. JF, our fearless leader, (el presidente') asks if I'm ready for the weekend. I'm thinking - When did I tell him about my plans?, and ask "For what?"

"The time trial.", he says.

WTF. How did we get to the end of July already? Where did the summer go? I thought I had another week or 2 before the 2nd PLT TT. Oh well. Later verified it with TomF and BJ. Yep. TT this weekend. Going to have to rearrange things. This racing thing is interfering with my training.

Nevertheless the 6AMer was steady and fast. Only 8-10 on the way out. Just 6 or 7 on the way back. Pull in to the 7:15er and see why. Seems like everyone was saving themselves for that loop. Enough horsepower in the group to plow many a furrow. Ended up doing some threshold intervals on Shore Drive as I tried to rearrange the weekend schedule in my head. Still nice to have 2 1/2 hours in before 8AM. Best way to start the day.



I'm very sad about the VINO thing. Heroes are hard to find these days.

Friday, July 20, 2007



First - props to Paul for 5th in the Elite Road Race at Natz. Turkey legs in feed zones are key

Cotton candy clouds

New bikes are fun, even when they aren't your own.

"Art's bike" finds a friend.

A taste for Sugerloaf Mountain in 95 degree heat
Who said Florida is flat?

50+ folks for fast Friday loops, at a new locale to avoid the long arm of the law.

Animal crossing road.

Underwater recovery



Monday, July 16, 2007


A Tale of 2 Crities

Don't know if I'll ever get this Crit thing figured out. Of course if I was just stronger, smarter, better looking and more fit than everybody it would be easy. But lo and behold, that just isn't the case on any count.

FJ and Mark WarmupThe Saturday Tour de Port Critie was just as herky jerky as I've ever seen. Brakes into the turns (sometimes even in the middle of the bumpy straight), then AXE-cellarate (said in your best Phil "the pill" Liggett voice) your butt off onto every straight. This was getting tiresome, so I said the heck with it and took off around the 5th lap. Was nice hitting the turns at speed. After 1/2 lap I flew the elbow, eased up, had 2 guys in tow with a 3-4 length gap. Said lets go, no one did. Not like I coulda lasted anyway, but woulda been fun to blow up tryin'. Back to the pack, which was getting smaller as time went on. Somewhere around 3 or 4 to go (hard to say as we actually did "2 laps to go" twice - seems they forgot to flip the lap counter) someone hit it hard going into the first straight. I got caught in a bad position, had to bridge up through 3-4 others that were dropping off, and popped. Finished the last few laps with a nice young kid from BikeWorks, who, I later found out, had won one of the junior classes. WTG. FiremanJohn (FJ) rode well to a top ten even with a broken rear der cable on the last few laps.

Was very happy there were no crashes, that's always a good thing.

Took some photos of the PRO123 race. Glad this one (--->) turned out. Realized while standing around squinting into the sun just how hot it had become.

Why are finish lines always backlit?

Chesapeake Critie Center -

Waiting for the Cat4 guys to finish so we could get a practice lap or 2 in, there was a wicked wreck on the main straight past the finish line. Looked like it took out 6-10 guys. One dude was instantly bloody and from a distance looked like he broke his leg. Nope, nobreak, "just" bloody. Shawn emerged from the melee unscathed.

Waited for the guys (pic from Portsmouth) to come around the finish, didn't see Bill or Tim. Both had great position at the bell. SpeedyBill coasts across the line and says TurboTim went down in the last turn. Some dude hit the turn WAY too fast, rolled a tubular, and took out some guys. Through the bedlam it looked like skinney Steve (the Manimal) nabbed a good finish.
Heal quick Tim.
2 wrecks is not quite the kind of thing you wanna see while waiting for your race to start. In TOTAL contrast to yesterday, today's pace was wide open from the word GO. Redlined by the first turn. That strung us out and made it safe. FJ made the selection, I didn't, and sat in a poorly organized second group, which eventually splintered into pieces. Mark (first pic above on the right) worked with me a bunch (read - ground me into dust) on the last laps. 'Preciate it. At least the race was safe with no crashes. It was VERY hot out. Had to draw down multiple lines of credit for some cooling EYE-Talian Ice. Thanks to the hip-hobbled Dawg for the photos.
Funny thing about Crits - As agonizing and intense as they get, as soon as they're over, it's gone, and I want to go again. (BJ picture)
Albe rode well and has some write-ups here.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Tour DAY Port

First day of a 2 Crit weekend.

Racing was furious and intense all around.

With Dave LeDuc once again showing the youngsters how its done in the Pro 123 Race.

Just one more of the many that remind us that age is just a number.



Saturday, July 14, 2007




Have to admit being a bit worried that LayTOURDayF coverage would be lacking. The broadcast of earlier races this year seemed to be missing a bit of the magic by the Verses crew.

But I have to say I've been pleasently surprised, actually quite excited, about the coverage, AND the race itself. Lots of action AND drama it the first 5 stages, and it will only get better.

Gotta love Cancellara catching the sprinters AND the break napping to take the Stage win while wearing the mellow johnny.

Also been exciting watching Barloworld sprinter Robbie Hunter mixing it up with the big boys, and almost beating Thor himself.

Even the commercials have been entertaining, although I may tire of them by the end of the race. In the non-cycling category I'd like to nominate the Miller commercials for a special award


a few memorable tag lines.

Out with the SatAM group this morning for a leg opener before the Crit this afternoon. P-T has tried to fill the shoes of injured Wild Bill by reading the rules at the beginning. He's doing an admirable job, but we still miss Bill and need him back.

A quick 1/2 loop, a small effort or 2, then it was time to wave goodbye to the group, and watch the boys climp in the Alps.



"I like to take undah-wah-ta pho-toes too, and email them to my friends........."


Thursday, July 12, 2007


Happy BDay

You can call her Super, sometimes Silly, but always Sally ......

Happy BDay

Cake at the post loop celebration provided by Biker BJ (no flies)

She and MkMc will be celebrating across the pond and catching some of LayTourDayF live.

Have a great day a fantastic trip.


I wonder what Wild Bill is doing?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Loopin' with Tuesday's Loopers

Livin' on the island known as South Side Hampton Roads leaves riding "options" that are limited by the lay of the land, or water as the case may be. Unless we want to take a tunnel under water or a bridge over it, we get locked into various loops.

Here's a Loopy Primer :

There's the Starbucks loop,

The Conte's loop,

The Blue moon loop, which can be called the 3rd loop on weekends, or just the 7:15er on weekdays. Not to be confused with the reverse Conte's loop.

The Norwiegian Lady loop, an early 6AM loop on weekdays. May be called the Blue Train loop after the old Blue Team (AV) that derailled and disbanded a year or 2 back. The ride is still there, still as strong as ever, and will deliver you to the 7:15er either very warmed up, or totally blown and over heated.

We now also have the CORE Pilates early loop, soon to be the MR. & MRS. Crazy loop once the deed is done. This will also bring you to the 7:15er, albeit a bit further down the road.

This short list doesn't even include the Final Kick loops or any of the southern Frogs loops.

You can pretty much set your clocks by these rides, and knowing when and where they are certainly influences everyone's workouts.

This Tuesday I caught the Blue Train (or I should say thay caught me) and clung on for the ride to the next loop. Usually I get out earlier for a warmup, trying to avoid these speed junkies. Jumping on a 28-30mph paceline after 800 yards of warmup usually makes me crack in a minute, this time I barely lasted till the end when KD and JDiesel pretty much blew up the group as we neared Bay Colony. They're on some good form.

The 7:15er wasn't too loaded at the Blue Moon, but it swelled as we picked up many on the way, including those from the CORE loop. By the time I could get my camera out, most were off in the distance. By the time I put it away, they all were. Hustled back up, dragged AtD (he wasn't wheezin' - YET) up through a gap that JLaw, KJ, and a few others already had on the world. Dropped some positions as Art says "Where're YOU goin?" Back with the meer mortals I say.

This AM rode a bit with the one called dbo and TK.

Some say he's MIA. I say no way.

He's missed but not missing, and definitely still in ACTION. They're both lookin' quite fit I might add.



We Miss You Wild Bill

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Goins' On

Props to everyone that made the journey to Natz at 7Springs and rode their hearts out. BJ makes it 2 years in a row with double podiums! WOW. Truly inspirational.

Looks like we were represented well at the Commonwealth games too , with white wrapper Nilla Wafer bringing home the jangle.

Might have been the best Stage 1 in LayTourDayF history. Have to admit never real liking McEwen a lot, especially after the head check thing last year, but certainly gained mountains of respect for him today. OTB with less than 8k to go then works his way up to and through a 150 + rider field to take the sprint. And while QuickStep have the pace pinned. Amazing.

My Weekend was centered around a few long days on the MTBs.
Friday was MMM - Many Miles of Marl. Round and Round the Ravine at YRSP. Made a day of it. Realized that even though you can put enough fluid in a 100 oz bladder for 4 hours of riding, it'll be pi** warm after 3 hours at 95 degrees and hard to swallow.

One way to break my brake addiction is to let the bike fall over in the parking lot breaking the front brake lever. Laps with one brake gave rise to the fastest times ever.

I've never been a great log-hopper, but after crossing the (seemingly) 1,000's of logs at the Crankey Monkey with nary a bobble or balk my confidence had grown from none to just enough to get in trouble.

and trouble was in the form of this fallen tree. Got tired of dismounting, so gave it a go ........... which led to a big

OUCH , just when that leg was almost healed enough to shave. At least I hit the other side of the knee cap that was slammed 2 weeks ago.

When in doubt : clear a re-route. So I did.

Legs felt fine but the heat slowly drained my mojo lap by lap, so a 30 minute break and bike change was in order before round 2.

All in all a good day of heat training. 6.5 hours in, a mile for each year of my life +4 or 5.

Only bummer of the day was the 3 hours it took to drive 25 miles from YRSP to NN. No fun sitting in the car covered with a days worth of sweat and grime. I wanted to give the entire road an enema, it was seriously constipated.

Saturday AM group ride at the NN Conte's. Nice crowd. Rode with XXX for a while (til the BIG hammers dropped). He had a nice ride goin' up at the Tour de Burg. Leaving with a day left in the race to go work, he still had the KOM jersey. Of course the fast, skinny, and young JB ruled.

A few Tour de Burg reports here, and here. And if you haven't heard someone fixed this years Tour de Burg ! ! How bout dat. Read about it here.

Afternoon was more fat tire loops, this time at the Lake Maury trails.

Sunday was a day of rest and recovery .........



Heal Quick Wild Bill

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Happy Fourth

Hope you had a happy Fart of July,
Best wishes to all teammates headed up to Road Nats in Seven Springs, Pa. :

Speedy BillG


BJ and LJ

Who have been spotted in the depths of Pungo on a secret training ride.
RideOn and RideSafe
Heal Quick Wild Bill

Monday, July 02, 2007


If Your Bike Were a Shovel ..........

Just how far would you bury yourself .........

to win that sprint?

Those thoughts were going through my mind at the Win and Out this weekend at Southside Speedway in Richmond. Wasn't planning on driving up for the Go Fast Turn Left #2, but the Scout Camp was open for a pre-ride Saturday evening, and was only a short drive away, so why not?

Props to Braden Govoni, Sprintclub, and Richmond Ciclismo for organizing the event. Nice to see a new (to many) style of racing out there.

The "Win and Out" starts with a neutral rolling lap, then's it's ON. 500 meter track,

Winner of the first lap gets 1st place,

winner of the second lap gets 2nd place,

winner of the third lap gets 3rd place, etc., etc., till the end.

Thanks to KD for the pics

Gives rise to some pretty interesting strategy. Bury yourself on a sprint, get nosed out, then you have to go around again to the next sprint which is a scant 30-35 seconds away. Fun, fast racing. Over in a flash (or in my case 1500 meters). Guaranteed to leave your lungs burning and your legs quivering. I realized when unloading my bikes that I haven't been on a road bike for 2 weeks. NICE. Nothing against road bikes .......... BUT

The C5 Crit was, just as they are, a sketch-fest, but no one went down. I was confused from the beginning and never got in the "groove". Had trouble finding a wheel, was outside (and safe) with my nose in the wind much of the race. When I wasn't, I was at the back and having full view of the carnival. Lots of sudden left to right snap moves in the middle of the turns at 25+. At one point Albe says to me "That was close". It was. Then it was again, then again. Albe gives a great desciption of the antics - "People looking for an apex that just isn't there." It's a banked oval people, hold your line like it's a straight. Yeesh. My subconscious is asking me ("What the heck are you doing here?"). I Either misjudged or miscounted laps. A bell with 3 or 4 to go threw me off too. Thought there was one more lap, but the race was over. Seemed like everyone was coasting across the line. Glad I survived another one. Didn't have the legs or the focus to get up front. Just had no game. AJ (Fat Frogs) got away with another and took the win. He's on great form.

Was WAY over geared an the fixey. Had a 52/14. Not a lot of snap in those numbers. Especially noticed it in the standing start kilo TT. First lap was a whole 10 seconds slower than the second.

Still was a great day and nice 2 day road trip. Really looking forward to the 18 hr race. Great course, great people, it's gonna be a blast. Unfortunately it's the same day as GoFast Turn Left #3.

I didn't hang out for the rest of the days events but heard TriPower was well represented. WTG Team

RideOn and RideSafe

Heal quickly Wild Bill


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