Friday, August 31, 2007


Gettin' the Rides On

A whole lot of ridin' will be goin on this weekend so I hope you'll be out there gettin' some of yours ....

I'll be up at the 7Springs 24 Hr Champion Challenge in Pa. NO - (thankfully) not racing. Taking photos, doing a bunch of riding, and watching as my buddy Jason slowly deteriorates.

I'll also be recording live audio updates every 6 hours on Karl Etzel's site -, So be sure and check them out.

Karl and many other endurance maniacs will be out at the 24 Hours of Adrenlin Solo "Worlds". So best of luck to them. They will be posting live audio updates also.

Missing from the "worlds" this year is Chris Eatough - who will be trying to wrap up his 1st place in the NUE hundy series here in Va. :

Most everyone that's anyone (and many who aren't!) in the MTBing world on the East coast and beyond will be at the Shenandoah Mountain 100. Of course the big news is Floyd will be there too. I'm quite sure C. Eatough, Harlan, XXX and the boys will give him a run, and show him what east coast MTBing is all about.

and lets not forget the other (young, fast, thin) JB who is across the pond in Scotland at the REAL mtb worlds. Good luck to all.

So best of luck to all of you and yours racing this weekend. RideSafe.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Puttin' the OLD in school

I'm not one to bring up the past. What's done is done. Best to look forward in anticipation rather than backward in frustration. Hate to be one of those "been there done that" sorts ......

BUT ..................

I've been in the process of sorting out all my stuff, at least a large subset of it, which resides :

Behind the brown door -

Behind the brown door sits the archeology of my life. At least the last xx amount of years of it. Crammed and layered into an 8x10 room. Sorting through it used to be a annual thing, every spring. Seems like it's been many, many, more than a few years since I've tackled the chore. The door would barely open 6 inches when I started a few weeks ago. Now you can almost see parts of the floor. Remnants of many old sports, pastimes, and hobbies have been thrown in there, with hopes of future resurrection I suppose, but in reality to die a slow death.

The process of going through ones junk is fraught with conflicting emotions. Throw it out? Save it? -Tell yourself "It might be useful someday." (even though you know it won't) ..... Or just sit and ponder it for awhile, then toss it ........ , or set it aside, fate as yet undetermined.

Some old time photos, look even older in B&W.

Scanner not working so I had to take pictures of pictures.

Think you can guess the year? I doubt it.

Give it a try

AC or Dave would get it close, but I'd bet the rest will struggle.

Just remember :

The PAST is but a history ,
The future just a mystery,
Today is the Present,
Enjoy it while you can.




and Tigger too ..................

7:30 AM 80 degrees

Riding your skateboard with a full, furry, Winnie the Pooh outfit on.

It just doesn't get any better than this



Monday, August 27, 2007


and The Babies on the Bus Go ........

Getting over a cold/flu/whatever, complete with chills and night sweats. Sucks. Went to ride the Ravine on Friday and made it off the Island with out a hitch. First lap wasn't bad, shoulda quit while I was ahead, but the golden rule of road trips rule must be followed. So I limped through a few more. Didn't really realize how hot it was till stopping around 2:30 in the afternoon and find my shoes and socks feel like I'd been swimming in them, just puddles of sweat. I hate sweat running into my eyes when riding but always seem to forget where I put my sweatbands. Pithes me off even more when I find them in my trunk at the end of theride. The trails up there are my favs and in some sweet shape. A few washed out areas from the rain, but still nice and dry. The EPIC handled things very well.

Since I started MTBing a few years ago, Marl Ravine has always been a yardstick for fitness. Especially that last hill. You know the one. For 2 years I've been trying to make that hill my friend, but now I realize it's just a fruitless desire. That hill just isn't friendly, kind, OR nice. That's the way it is, that's the way it will be. Doesn't matter how fit I may be feeling, what gear I use, or what pace I take. Granny gear, middle ring, it just DOESN'T MATTER. Feels like my heart's gonna explode out of my chest everytime I make it to the top.

Saturday's early group ride was filled to medium capacity. Confirmed one thing - I'm still under the weather a bit. Didn't feel too, too, bad, till trying to recover from an effort. Nothing there. And the babies on the bus go WAH WAH WAH.

Like last year had planned on getting up at 3AM and driving to the the Blue Ridge Extreme Century. Was really on the fence. A pep talk and hug from my favorite motivational speaker made all the difference. Had the climbin' gears on the bike, packed up and ready. 3AM - alarm goes off, I've neither the energy or fortitude to drag my butt to the car and make the trip. (WAH WAH WAH). The team did put out some great efforts. Next year ............

Probably for the best. Spent a day of gettin' shite done, which in this case meant hours BEHIND THE BROWN DOOR.

More on that later.

RideOn wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah


Thursday, August 23, 2007


18 HOURS Rescheduled

So the 18 hours of Scouts Honor was canceled due to an intense storm that racked the area one week ago. We got plenty of rain at the beach and some thunder and lightening, but it wasn't too too nasty.

Turns out it was one of the worst wind/electrical storms ever to hit ol' Goochland County in a long, long time. The power was still out on race day, and you couldn't even drive to the venue until very early Saturday morning. I know it had to be a brutally tough decision for Ed to make, but it certainly was the correct one. He and his crew had put uncountable hours and effort into a new sections of trail and had but many a new bridge up.

For a number of reasons I didn't get news of the cancellation until race day morning. Already packed, loaded, and in the area, we decided to go out and see what we could do to help with the cleanup. Once near the Camp you could see the devastation that the storm had wreaked on the area. Huge trees downed, some only recently having been moved off the road. Debris everywhere. Trust me, you can't even imagine how hard that storm hit the Goochland area.

With some loppers, a hand saw, and work gloves we did what little we could do the help cleanup that was already well underway. Applause to the many, many folks (38 people put in 166 hours of work) that made it out there to help. At least 3 or 4 crews with chain saws clearing out trees 2-3 feet in diameter that were blocking the trail in many places. I stole these pictures from Ed, as I'm having trouble getting my pictures online.

Really was an awesome to see the show of community that got the place cleaned up like that. By late Saturday afternoon the whole trail was ridable.

The new date for the race is Nov. 17-18. It'll no doubt be cooler. Unfortunately it's also the same day as our Mt Trashmore Cyclocross Race, which is once again the State Championship. THAT's gonna be a tough decision ...........

I leave you with a picture from the past ..............



Thursday, August 16, 2007


Pre-Weekend Wrap UP

From the Blogosphere :

Dave Wiens scored another victory (#6) in the Leadville 100. Floyd came in second, riding in road shoes, and had a nice fall on the way.

Ultra Rob was there and put up some nice shots, with a write up on his site.

Also a gallery here.

Biker BJ has some interesting and novel ideas for sponsors of our fast ladies team. Now I know why they go so fast, AND keep smilin'.

Just when YOU thought the competition was the only thing - and CYCLING was JUST about kicking ass, taking names, and standing on boxes .........

----FatMarc did a nice multi-day (road!) ride (not race) out west and put a GREAT write up here and here.

This is at least third hand, (via IconoclaSSt, through BikeCentric, and then Go Clipless) but still amusing, in an apathetic, morose sort of way :

On a brighter note,

This was as close as I got to a group ride this AM. Looking out from the car on the way to work.

They were out doing some training before the Panera's Party, before the WaterPark party.

Why was I going to work again?

Happy BDay Laura. The years sure aren't slowing you down any.

Get well quick to Rick - who got rear-ended by some idiot in a car not awake enough to see the cyclist in front this AM. Heal quickly.


How many sets of steps at Mt Trashmore?

BONUS - How many steps in each one ............

hint - There are 226 total steps ..............

How would one know?

Get out there and run up 'em! That's how,

Last post till Sunday or Monday after the self abuse of 18hrs on the Farm (aka Scout's Honor).
Charles will be there, and you should be too......



Tuesday, August 14, 2007


There's No Cryin' in Baseball

and There's No Recovery in a Group Ride .........

Other possible titles :

Blew off the PLT TT #3 Sunday for many hours of MTBing. Monday my legs were screaming for an easy recovery ride. SOoooooooooooooo ................... I went running instead.


This morning my legs were REALLY mad at me and left town.

Went out at 5:30AM this morning to the 6AM (aka BLUE TRAIN) ride. Tried to ease into things. Didn't have much mojo. One pull into the wind on Atlantic, and my fears were confirmed. No legs. Hung on til Shore Dr. and bailed. (Dropped #1)

Went back down Atlantic at a nice sub-threshold pace until I hear the whirring of cogs and "On your left". It was MarkH, leading a furious pace line (the Final Kick group). Of course I had to give it a go and hopped on last wheel. Hung on, chatted w/Mark for a while then waved 'im by. (Dropped #2)

Cruised over the Rudee Inlet Bridge. Thought I heard "On your left" again, but it was just a flock of seagulls. After a while turned around and made it back to the 7:15er.

Nice sized group that got bigger as we rolled. 3 powerful engines - KJ, the CrAzY one, and JDiesel. Finally felt like my legs were coming back - till I took one good pull, then POP goes the weasel, the weasel goes pop. oh well. Slid back (Drop #3). Back on at the light and home again.

Moral of the story - Listen to your legs, or you may never see them again.



Monday, August 13, 2007


Weekend Review

Friday Night
Preppin' bike(s) for the 18hr.

Put some new brakes on the Caffiene.

Off w/the mechs, on w/the hydros.

Saturday 3-6AM
Out for a 3 hour ride to get mentally prepared to ride to daybreak.

Sunrise is better on a bike.

New stoppers worked great.

Still getting 3+ hours of runtime on the NiteRider bottle battery.

This sucks

Saturday later.

Out to Chesapeake Crit, barely made in in time. Took 2 hours and 15 minute drive 'cause of traffic/construction accidents. Made it there with 25 minutes to spare. Easy to pick up race number at the reg table when it's the only one left. Got a few minutes warmup while C4 was goin'. (Pic from Kyle - thanks)

Crit had no wrecks. NICE. The Pro123 wasn't as lucky as our man MarcoPolo went down hard in the last lap. Heal quick bro. The ladies rocked.

Pretty happy to have had made it through the C5 season with all my flesh intact. Skip(Kitty Hawk Bikes) went out strong and set a nice hard pace for the first part of the race. Kept good position for the 1st half of the race or so. Then wallered around in the middle/back. Saw a funny thing early on that made me wish I had my helmetcam on. Was second wheel behind AJ (Fat Frogs). Niether AJ or I can be classified as flyweights. Roughly translated - we give good draft. I got passed on the inside on the last turn, and watched as the guy tried to slide in on AJs wheel, pushing the guy that was there out of the way. This proceeded to a battle of elbows. Not the "I'm gonna knock you off your bike elbow" but more like the "I'm lettin' you know I'm here, and not gonna yield this wheel sorta elbow." No one won, and they went down the home straight sharing the draft. I guess I need to get more aggressive when fighting for position.

Paul was in town and did great, getting in an early break that stuck, and taking 2nd (K-Dog photo). As long as he watches where he's going, he'll go far ...................

Check the TransRockies links above.
Had a nice dinner Sunday and saw a great show.



Thursday, August 09, 2007



I usually don't have a problem getting up early to ride. Getting out the door, that can be a problem.

Tuesday the norm is up @ 5AM, out the door by 5:30 ........... which may end up closer to 5:45 by the time I get my junk together. That means a time trial/sprint to catch the early ride if I'm planning on going with the group.

So last night I made BigPlans. I figured I could ride down to the oceanfront, catch more than 1/2 of the 6AM ride, and still have time to get back home with 15 minutes to stop sweating, then time enough to shower and dress for work.
I actually mixed my bottles, set out my clothes, and had my helmet, shoes, and gear laid out before I went to bed.

What did I do? Turn the alarm clock off, and fall back asleep. OH WELL. Saw the 7:15er out my car window rolling up the bridge . Super Sally was smilin' and waving, while DAG looked to be in a world of hurt ........

Best wishes to Blair who is on his way to Trans Rockies to bring his BigPlans to fruition. I'll put a link over on the left to keep tabs. He's racing with another guy in the 100+ class under the team name of WHYNOT. Not sure if it's even possible to update during the race.

Also up at TR is cylocross national age group champ Ryan Leech.

Good luck too all.

Speaking of stage races I found this one off of our favorite Polish MTBer Maja's site. Thanks to Jason for keeping her (link) close by and warm.

It would be awesome to go to the homeland (yes, I am Polish, and share quite a few of the consonants in Maja's last name) to do a MTB stage race. Guess I'd really have to brush up on the native tongue. Not to mention become a better MTBer.

The english translation is almost too appealing to pass up :

"There will be over 400 km distance and 12000 m of altitude difference that guarantee a lot of emotion. The region where the marathon will be held is an ideal place to profit from equipment and human possibilities. Furthermore, the stages will be located in the area relatively unknown to tourists and experienced riders. "

"Guaranteed emotion" ............ now you can't go wrong there, can you? Come to think of it, that's pretty much why I love to get my



Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Come On In

The House Is Rockin'

Good to be back in the fold.
Saw the King at sunrise again.

Hit up the 6AM and the 7:15er.
The 7:15er was packed with 20 or so.

Random photos :

The Road,

to the Trail,

Severe dehydration,


Sunday, August 05, 2007


Catchin' Up

Lots to share, little time to do it.
PLT 23mile TT last Sunday. Tried to go out slow, still felt powerless after 30 minutes. Was hoping for a PR. At the last turn figured I needed to average 25+ for 6 miles to get it. The outlook was dim. Just forgot about the numbers, put my head down, and hammered the best I could. JLaw helped with a verbal kick in the a$$ from a car ("venga, venga, allez, allez"). That made all the difference. Somehow broke 58 minutes to beat my previous best by 20 seconds or so. During the ride came to the revelation that TT are the purest most distilled form of the cycling pain we all know and try to love.

A trip over a big crack in the earth,

Leads us to a place so hot 90% of the rain evaporates before it hits the ground.

Unfamiliar area, rental bikes, poor trail choice, leads to nice climb first thing. At best lung busting, with some loose, rocky technical spots.

When you want to bail more than your cleat wants to unclip, you just pull your foot out of the shoe, and roll down the hill.

A slip up on some tough downhill swithbacks leads to a broken read der hanger, a shortened first day, and a 3-4 mile coast/push back down.

Found out later the trail was called "Devil's Staircase".


The Rush(es) weren't the best to handle the rocky terrain, so and upgrade to some SantaCruz Blurs was in order.

Difference was night and day.

The road riding looked primo, if I wasn't so MTB deprived woulda done some of that too.

More later,



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