Sunday, November 26, 2006


Trashmore CX 2006.2

It was a beautiful day for CX

Friday, November 24, 2006


Fast Friday

Last sunny day in F-L-A.

~15 people at Lakemont Elementary to start. Someone describes the normal Friday ride :

"It's where all the fast racers guys lap around Tuscawilla trying to beat up on each other."

OK. So it is, and so it was. So much for a recovery day. Got my butt kicked. Fell off the lead group of 5 with one lap to go. Thought they'd slow down on the way back to Winter Park. Maybe they did a bit. I was still strugglin' to hang on.

Asked John if that was the way Friday normally is.

"Nope we only got up to 30 today, when all the fast guys are here we go faster."

Always have a great time pedalin' with the folks down here. Can't wait to come back at Christmas. It's like my home away from home.



Thursday, November 23, 2006


A Day of Thanks

While my homeys are trapped on their indoor trainers dealing with the rains of a nor-easter, I had the chance to get a nice 2 1/2 hour ride done in some cool and sunny Fla. weather. Props to Young Bill and the Green Machine for gettin' out in the Tidewater rain and gettin' it done anyway.

A pre-ride panorama of a few of the many that went out in 4 separate groups.

Yes they do.

Unlike yesterday the sub50 degree temps warmed up as quick as the pace did. A nice new bridge early in the ride to get us goin' .

Good too see the Florida crew and get a nice T-Day RideOn. Nice to see Cori is back out on the road after a broken leg a little over a month ago.

Have a Great Turkey Day


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


How It Should be Done

Grande Muchas Gracias to the guys at the shop for boxing the bike up like only pros can.

A few turns of a multitool and she was ready to ride. New training wheels rolled smooth on their first ride with the crew from Lakemont Elementary.

The R3T is already liking it's new southern home.

Snow flurries in Central Florida last night. It's still colder here than VaBch, but much drier.

A happy Thanksgiving eve to all. Turkey Day ride tomorrow



Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Bag finally arrived

Seems like the bag monkeys were involved in a backroom round of Jenga , and it was on the bottom.


It's C-C-C-Cold down here


Sunny F-L-A

My bike made it down,

I made it down,

My luggage didn't.

So if you see it somewhere - send it!



Monday, November 20, 2006


Sunday Fun

A nice mellow 60 mile Sunday ride in wide screen.

What's wrong with this picture? After runriderunnin' to an age group win and a 4th overall in the Du yesterday, Laura's allowed to be a bit forgetful. We'll just have to get her a copy of Danbo's list.

A quick refuel,

and we're off.

A fork in the road, which way to go?

Nice spacing in that paceline ...... both of 'em.



and props to KDog for hittin' the line first at the Sunday CX race in Richmond

Friday, November 17, 2006


Accidents Can Happen

Living in the "South Side" of Hampton Roads, at times, can be like the Island on LOST. Desperate needs to escape are oft thwarted by unwelcome beasts. Today the beast was in the all too familiar form of traffic. Not just the normal beast of an accident in the underwater passage, but another in the form of an accident that involved an oil spill on the "other" side in Newport News. The second beast forced a reversal of direction and a change of plans. I would not get off the island. On the way back the I could see across the median that the path of my attempted escape still remained blocked.

So after 3.5 hours in my car, in quest of a nice trail to ride, I found myself very frustrated and back near where I started. Still on the South Side and at the nice local spot to get ny RideOn:

Da Swich

The beautiful day was not a loss. No challenging hills and tire changes as planned, just a simple day of riding and smiling.

Da tight and twisty Swich is not "niner friendly", but friendly enough to keep me happy. On my first trip around I wondered how they could find their way through the leave covered maze on the Wednesday night ride.

Da Bridge at Da Swich

The first time across one of the bridges my rear wheel tried to pass my front. whhhhhhheeeeeeeew. A stick save and a beauty. Later on in the loop I had that deja vu feeling, like I'd been there before. Not about the trail, because I certainly had, but about the near smack down. Then it dawned on me .................... and on my next time around I examined the evidence. The tell-tale slide out track ......... , the slippery leave covered boards, a pedal scrape.....

This must of been the scene of the crime. Tell me if I'm wrong.


and watch out for dem slippy bridges


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Sunny Saturday Part Deux

Okay, a little bit in a time warp, but here we go.

After a nice road ride early (see below) I was all jazzed up to go and test out the new Cannondale Caffiene 29er. Brought up my RIG to compare the frame geometry and handling. Also was curious to see how the Lefty felt in comparison to the Reba.

Mr. 24 has been riding the Caffiene this week. Read some of his impressions here. He's new to (and far from sold on) the whole big wheel thing. I myself am already a disciple of the Big Wheel Church, having been riding a 29er SS for almost a year. I don't think any one bike or wheel size is best for all conditions, but if I was forced to have only one MTB, it would for sure be a 9er. GTed (an ordained Big Wheel Minister) will get his hands on the Caffiene next, so keep your eyes peeled.

The bike looks smooth and industrial with the clearcoated brushed aluminum. I like it a lot.
The welds are clean and buffed.
SRAM X-7 is the componentry.

The bike is HEAVY. You notice that as soon as you pick it up. The most accurate thing I have to measure it with is a digital fish scale. It's up near 3o pounds. Yikes. The complete front wheel (with tire, tube, and skewer), at 5.35 lbs, is more than a pound heavier than the Bonty on my RIG.

My initial impression after riding the Caffiene around outside the shop was that the fork tube angle was steep. Just a feeling. Not sure why. Could've been the illusion of Lefty, I don't know. Maybe the rake?

Unfortunately 1/2 way into the 1 hour drive up to the trail I realized I'd left the RIGs front wheel at home. D'OH! Post century delerium or just the excitement to ride a new stead? Who knows. All comparison would have to be made from memory only.

Thanks to KDog for the loan of the Hurricane Forkup adaptor, and for pointing out the tight rear tire clearance.

Why do they do this? The stock meats are high volume 2.3 Exiwolfs. Can't ever imagine needing anything bigger, but know that there'll be a big problem running those in muddy conditions.

Quick adjustments to setup and off to the trails. Marl Ravine is always a favorite. The tires pick up small gravel chips between the knobs and spits them out everywhere. Took a little while getting used to the SRAM shifter.

The bike rolls smooth, and the handling is quicker than the RIG, but not by any means too quick. Uphill switchbacks were easier. But the bike just feels heavy. Any climbing, especially if you are standing, better be done with the fork locked out, or you'll be bobbin' like Anna Nicole

Downhills were as they should be, a dream. The rougher the better. The solid feel of the tight frame on big wheels (and tires) sent me into turns at the end of downhills faster than ever. The tires held traction on the moist tacky trails well, when they had a chance. Much of the trail was covered in fresh fallen leaves, which led to a few nice saves. Have to wait for leaves to be broken up more to evaluate the grip of the rubber, but I don't think the rubber will be on there that long.

I've reached no concrete conclussions after a few single track hours on the Caffiene - except one :

The Bike Needs a Diet (so do I). 29-30 pounds for a bike that is advertised as race ready is a bit of a stretch. Granted, at the price point you can't expect it to come with tricked out wieght-weeny goodies, but the ride just doesn't leave you with a great first impression. One of the best reason to own a Cannondale is still --------> .

The Caffiene has the feel of a big off road truck that handles well. That they even say it is light wieght borders on deception and false advertising. I'm not trying to be harsh. I love my Cannondales. Have 2 and one more on the way. I've always loved the company. We'll just have to get more hours on the bike to see just what it's all about. This weekend I'll be switching out some components and tires to see what happens

Till then,



Wednesday, November 15, 2006


More to Come

And no jokes about the pretty reflectors!


Monday, November 13, 2006


Get It While You Can

Sunny Saturday Part One

Saturday was like summer. Gotta get it while you can. JLaw hadn't ridden more than 65 miles this year and wanted to add a pre-loop to the three-loop, then a post loop to get a century in. To be sure I was warmed up I went out for a pre-pre-loop at 5:30AM.

The 7:15er was packed. Just a small sampling of the folks that showed (--->)

C-C-C-C-Colors were everywhere. In the trees and on the riders.

Super Sally and DoubleM.

Legs felt good for the first time since Texas 3 weeks ago. JLaw flatted at the end of loop 3. Other than that his century went off without a hitch. Probably 112-115 miles for me, but who's counting?

Then it was off to YRSP for some MTBin'. Gotta make hay when the sun shines.

Head-count (all numbers are purely approximate until verified by our accountants)

Pre-Pre Loop : 1
Pre Loop : 4
7:15 TriPower Loop : 50-60
8:30 Conte's Loop : 50 or so
9:20 Blue Moon return loop : 20-30 Pretty spread out by then.
Post-Loop : 2

The wind blew harder as the day went on, temps topped out in the high 70's SWEEEEEEET. Tan lines in November. I understand the power of the IronCross socks, but the toe-warmers? Oh Art.



Friday, November 10, 2006


2 a Days

Well, maybe not the same day, but within 12 hours.

Top secret nite time runup

Then again at sunrise

When I try to go fast things get blurry

Gotta enjoy this nice weather before it goes away.



Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Be Heard

and I hope you did too.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hilbert #3

Nice sunny cool day for some MTBin'.

SpeedyBillG has some smooth on ........... until -

Fast downhill,
Stick jumps up into front spokes,
Snags the brake line (arrow),
Locks up wheel,
Sends Bill over the bars, still clipped in.
Trashed front rim.
He's banged up and bruised, fortunate it wasn't worse.
Tough end to a short day.

Michael rode hard and strong to a 4th in Pro/Expert. The race was fast and furious with the Justin's (Raynes and Riddle) gapping the 2nd group of McMillan, Suydam and Hosang. Raynes won. McMillan 3rd.

Danbo and Andy rode much of the first 4 hours together in 2nd and 3rd (Enduro division). An Arsenal rider got away. Schup had major wheel bearing/hub issues.

1 hour to go, Dan seen sitting on picnic bench with cramped up leg. He got one more lap in. Should've finished 3rd I believe. At least he remembered his gear this week.

TurboTim notched a win in his first ever MTB race. WTG.

I trashed a loop on my Cranky pedal on a hidden root during a short pre-ride. Couldn't clip in, didn't realize it till the race started. Was mad and frustrated, wanted to quit. Didn't. Cause I like to get my



A few teasers are up.............

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Pickin' Up the Slack

OK, I've been a slacker. With this weekend near, figured I'd better put up a little about last weekend! Hah. Blogging in the past tense.


Went up for a pre-ride of the TMBC course. Ran in to this lovely couple in the field and rode with them. Jimmy's wife has some serious potential, tackling that course after only a few mountain bike rides. She's also a lot more pleasent on the eyes than Big Daddy. Did the preride on my SS w/ a wimpy 20t cog. Only 1 week after the Texas 24hr, I was curious to how weak my legs would feel. Not too bad, considering. I was actually thinking about maybe putting a 19t on for the race ........... very glad I didn't.

Saw the fast JB, et al, finishing up his preride. Lots of local rumors that he would be on a SS. Not sure where they started, but they proved to be false.

Spent the night on that side of the water rather than driving back. Stayed away from the KOA campground where the locals practice strange and secret pre-race rituals. Glad I missed that!


The TMBC is in it's 19th year. One of the longest running MTB races in the nation. Private property. Great for spectators. REALLY fun course to ride/race. First race I ever started and finished on my SS. Was happy. Legs were beat. As is the post 24 hour race norm, recovery after anything over LT was slow to non-existant. The hills were killing me at the end, but was very happy just to be out there. Was good to see master wrench Roberio out there.

Was also good to see Charles make the trip up from NC. He was riding strong and smooth in the enduro class. The dude behind him was on his wheel for at least the first 2.5 hours.

Never heard how it ended as I took off for Richmond and the ...............

Chimborazo Cross

The Team had a great turnout, and a strong showing. I "played" with the idea of trying to do both races, but I'd of REALLY had to bust a$$ to get there on time ..................... so I didn't. HAH.

Heck, if I'd of made it there, it would of been a (futile?) struggle to stay ahead of young Holly Owens, who was racing men's C, after a second place in Women's A. National Cross Champ last year. 15yo now, incredible list of cycling achievemants.

Speedy BillG had the andele' andele' workin' and took 3rd in B. Then still had the time and energy left to pimp our sponsors. WTG.

The Men's A Race was a wire to wire win by Greg Wittwer (Fort Factory Team). One thing you can be sure of ......... when you see anyone at a cross race in a Fort kit, they'll be going fast.

Now back to the present day. Went out for a chilly group ride this AM. Only the second time on my road bike since Texas. It sure rolls easier than the CX bike. Maybe I'm a soft southerner, but riding on the road with temps in the 30's and a 15mph north wind is c-c-c-c-cold. OK, it wasn't that bad once you got warmed up. It's just that time of year.

Hilbert tomorrow, Brrrrrr



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