Monday, January 30, 2006


You Be the Judge

Lessons Learned (Again)

My ride on Saturday reminded me about the most important thing when going long. Fuel. You know that, I know that, but it's still a real effort to consume everything you must in order to keep going. "Small" distractions of which there are many- cold, wind, bike fit, lighting, navigation, etc. etc. etc., can make you forget about consumming the fuel you need to go on. Consumming 10-15,000 calories or more in 24 hours, it's something we're just not used to doing. For some it's easier but for the rest of us it requires real effort. Especially when you're not passing a pit crew every lap to remind you to do it. Seems like it would be simple, all you're doing is pedaling, how hard can it be to keep eating. Pretty hard, especially when you have to consume (like the coneheads) MASS QUANTITIES.

On our regular 60+ mile Saturday group rides, I start to feel power drain after about about 50 miles if I take in nothing in at all. It's very comfortable to get through it with one bottle of energy drink and one gel or Gu. As long as I drink/eat it early. Last Saturday When I refueled afet 70-75 miles I knew I was already a bit behind the energy curve, yet I only took one large bottle and a Gu with me for the next 3+ hours. What was normally enough wasn't even close given the miles I had in already. So I hit the bonk wall hard on the last loop. I could continue to ride, but much slower and with that light headed delirium we all dread. Live and learn - AGAIN.

You be the Judge

I always thought Johan B looked familiar. Or maybe I thought Roberio looked familiar? Either way they both know a whole lot more about bikes than I do. Whadaya' think? Could they be related or what?

Somebody is a bit saddened by the No-Blog moniker. Really didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but it only takes 1 little thing to remove it. At least I don't auto-delete your emails! hah

There is a writeup and some more photos of the Trashmore Cross Race here.

Nice ride on the SS yesterday to loosen up the legs. Felt good.



Saturday, January 28, 2006


All Tanks on E, I Love my Glop

Sebring is getting close so I felt the need to get out and go "long", just to sort out all the things you need to sort out before these things. So I was up before many went to bed and finished preparing the Six13 for a ride. 100 oz PowerBar sports drink in the Camelback bladder, along with a change of clothes, battery for the Niterider helmet light, and extra empty water bottle for later. Scooped up some of the last (thank god) of a case of chocolate Gu. Out the door around 3:15AM on the road by 3:30 or so. Wanted to start an hour earlier, but fiddling with this and that added time. Probably better later - avoid the inebriates on there way home after imbibing the night away. Temp 30 degrees upon departure with 15-20 SSW wind (per the Weather Channel) . Wind chill (if you're standing still) 22 degrees.

Once into the headwind I realized I'd forgotten the balaclava. Started feeling the frozen face muscle thing. An hour later into the exposed farmlands of southern Va Bch it was even colder as all the windblocks were all gone. Trying to smile with frozen face muscles is at best an exercise in futilty (-->). Feet and toes started to go numb, and I started wondering WTF am I doing out here. Started to feel a small bit of the pain that those T-IV1 finishers must've gone through.

Interesting that below freezing Gu is Gu no more, it actually changes molecular structure and forms Glop. The consistency of salt water taffy and a struggle to squeeze out of the package. The good thing - chocolate Gu actually tastes GOOD at those temperatures. Just WAY harder to swallow. Glop is also quite sticky and can cause accidents, so be careful. Just a small bit on a glove finger will adhere quite well to the end of your aero bars. Made sitting up and changing positions quite a swerving fright.

Although a near full moon was called for, the overcast sky blocked the whole thing. In the farmland of Pungo and Creeds it was freakin' dark. How dark? - black dark, this dark ,Trans Iowa dark. I had duel lights set up. A Cateye EL-300 up high, and another Niterider down below. Although a worthy long run time backup, the EL-300 just didn't cut it as a sole light source. Of course the HID was on full time for the darkness. The Cateye in neighborhoods with streetlights. I didn't really use the helmet lamp much, except for the LEDs to check out the cockpit.

The plan was to make it to the NC State line, but with the late departure I had to settle for a turnaround about 5 miles before that at Munden Point Park. This way I'd still be sure of making the TriPower group rides at 7:15AM. With a tailwind I got to the ride just after 7:00. Enough time to fill a water bottle at the 7-11 and unload the lights and Camelback. At the 7-11 an employee was outside having a smoke. He took a look at me and kept repeating "It's to damn early for a bike ride, it's too damn early for a bike ride". Light up another one my friend.

Three wicked fast group rides left me totally shelled. I actually felt good for the first one and worked hard on the first half. Almost got dropped through a neighborhood as someone upfront was peggin' the turns. It still amazes me that you can be 15 feet off the tail on a ragin' peleton, but when you're hurtin' it may as well be 15 miles. Thanks to this crazy guy for bridging me back up. Once there recovery was had. I didn't keep up my food intake and bonked pretty hard during the 3rd loop, finishing behind the main group. Some minor aerobar induced hamstring cramps came and went.

All in all it was a nice ride. Depleted ALL 3 energy systems, some more than once. Saddle time ~7.5 hours. Off the bike once for a 7-11 stop. Distance somewhere between a buck 40 and a buck and a half. Yep, I want it. Not quite sure what IT is?!?! hah



Friday, January 27, 2006


CCC and an Afternoon at the Switch.

Had a good ride last night with the Chesapeake Cycling Club out of All About Bikes. Got there early to have a chance to warm up, check the setup of the cross bike, and try to get a bearing on the route. Only my second time on this ride, so still not in tune with the flow of the thing. Temps near freezing kept the group small - only 7 or 8 of us. Sitting in the lot behind the shop getting ready and the freakin' power goes out! For the entire sector, everything up to the Hospital. No street lights, no traffic lights, nothin', pitch black. After a 30 minute warmup it's still black as we roll out and somebody in a car says - "You guys have more lights than the whole shopping center!" Funny thing, he was right.

Went to check out Ipswitch today. Nice little park in Chesapeake. Some folks have been puttin' in time to fix it up. I took another bike, the one with shocks, pegs......(I'm lucky), so I could take it off some sweet jumps --->

The Switch is a cool place, some serious BMX jumps (those on the right are just a tiny seldom used sample).

The "cross country" trails are sweet, and would be ideal for a single speed. They're mostly all laid out, just need to be ridden in to define 'em a bit more. You can see a nice map here. So if you live nearby get out there and get your



Speaking of Napolean Dynamite (and we were weren't we?), he's moved on from sweet jumps to endurance cycling, just check out his t-shirt.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Off and On

Some off topic stuff :

Why does this not surprise me?
Although a college hoops fan I don't really pay much attention to pro BBall. To give credit where it's due, LeBron has been very impressive in his play and his ability to stay out of his trouble since hitting the big time. In this case the apple seems to have fallen quite far from the tree. His Mom should look at him as a role model.

Found out on Jeff's site that Chris Penn died. Why haven't I heard much more of it anywhere else? Maybe I should read the paper or watch more TV. Chris was great in QT's Reservoir Dogs. I also liked Rumble Fish where he played a supporting role (as himself) next to Mickey Rourke, Matt Dillon, and a whole slew of young and at the time no-names. His has 2 films in post-production with no release date as yet.

Back on topic :

Seems like whenever I'm down at Razorback, I hear people talking about the Tour de Falasco. A 50+ mile mountain bike ride/race that fills up every year 2 months in advance. It would've been incredible to be there this year as both Tinker Juarez AND Ned Overend were there! This ageless duo have been racing each other for at least 25 years. How cool is that.

Speaking of Tinker, he recently purchased a Florida residence in Winter Garden, one of the many Florida towns with Winter in its name. I passed through Winter Garden on a ride over the Christmas Holiday. It's only 10-12 miles from those nice Florida hills around Clermont, so I'm sure Tinker will be training out that way a bunch. He's also not too far away from Santos, Alafia, or Razorback, where he OWN's the 12 hour race . It looks like Tinker will be skipping the 12 hrs of Razorback this year after winning it 3 of the last 4 years. I'd venture a guess that he is looking past RAAM and planning on doing BMB this year. You are a true inspiration, way to go, Mr. Juarez!!!

Looks like Thursday night will be All About Bikes! The Thursday niter on/off road group ride. Be there and get your



Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Things That Make You go MMMMMMM

2 hours on the rollers today. I'm trying hard to embrace the indoor thing. I can certainly see why people congregate to spin and roll together. Some people even have roller RACES! (from JY) Anything to embellish the monotony. We have no House of Pain that I'm aware of, so I'm stuck whiling away the pedal revolutions alone and trying to occupy my mind with furtive thoughts that'll keep me from riding off the edges of those round cylinders.

Top 10 things to do while you're alone on your rollers

  1. Sweat
  2. Watch TV
  3. Sweat
  4. Listen to music
  5. Sweat
  6. Become fascinated with the patterns of sweat droplets as they rain down from everywhere........
  7. Take pictures - The photoblogging rider has even fewer camera angles available on rollers than outside, not to mention a TOTAL lack of scenery and subject matter.
  8. Try to ride no handed - I haven't done this yet and don't know if it's even possible, but I'm sure someone can. I'm sort of sure in my ancient past (in Cleveland Ohio) when rollers were a regular winter routine, I tried the no-handed thing, but can't remember if I could ever do it. I do remember hitting the floor at full spin a few times and riding into the TV back then - maybe no hands was the cause.
  9. Sweat drop art - I actually thought about putting some brown paper down on the pad and trying to draw things with the sweat drops. Problem is you'd have to get off and change the paper every 30 minutes or so it wasn't just 1 big puddle. Heck, it would evaporate anyway and your sweat art would just be a fleeting masterpiece at best.
  10. Ride with your eyes closed, listen to the rollers, then make the


    sound more like a steady


    Or even better


    This is the most fun and productive of all. Works even better in the dark. Really gets the pedal stroke smoothed out.

If this is what it takes to be the best...........I don't want any.



Tuesday, January 24, 2006


If the Bike Fits, Ride It

Been looking for a professional bike fitting for a while.

SoloGoat uses the Wobblenaught system and raves about it.

Nick Martin just got fitted on both MTB and Road bike in Boulder and said it's worth every penny.

So I stop at the shop to find out how Roberio's bike fitting class went and he says they should be up and running in February doing bike fits right at the Conte's Va Bch location. Yea baby. Better yet his training got him certified by the main man himself at BCSM, the same place where Nick went! We won't have the entire video set-up for analysis but it's still great news to have something locally.

If anyone wants a copy of the new map of Ipswitch let me know by email :
the blog title at mindspringdotcom . Those guys did a nice job making a map and working to get an old classic trail open. Probably head out this weekend to ride it and help clean up some. We need more legal trails on this side of the water. Thanks Jon and Corey.

90 minutes on rollers today. All indoor riding the last few years has been on a trainer. And it hasn't been much. With Sebring less than a month away I'm limiting my outdoor days if the temp is below 45. Hate to sound like a wimp, but just don't want to get sick again. Now I didn't say I was ELIMINATING cold weather riding, just limiting it to say 1 or 2 days a week. Anyway the first 5 minutes or so on rollers was a bit shakey as I havn't been on 'em in a long long time. But hey - it's just like riding a bike! After 5-10 minutes I was (almost) as solid as a rock, and able to handle the remote control too! At least I didn't fall off and run into a wall or anything. NOPE - don't think I'll be doin' 8 hours on those things like Paddy.

Monday, January 23, 2006


This N'At

Local MTB news.

IPSWITCH is open and rideable. I've heard of this old trail from a number of folks but never been there as many said it was in a terrible state of disrepair. Seems like some folks have stepped up and done the work. Cool and big thanks to those involved. Have to get out there and try it now.

Other Stuff

The initial fury over the new RAAM rules has subsided somewhat after many flames on the ultracycling board. Lou has been approved for the "new" old style race, and UltraRob is out there loggin' miles and climbing those obscene "steps". The race roster is expanding with notable addition of Tinker, Kenny Souza (I guess he likes beer) and others. It will be really interesting to see how this all pans out with the riders and media. Still no date set for the airing of last years RAAM. This is the time of year NBC normally shows it, but I haven't seen or heard anything yet. They have updated the FAQ page for 2006.

This guy is putting some SICK hours in on an indoor trainer. Totally beyond the comprehension of my feeble mind. Here I sit beside myself in total awe. I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do when you live in the great white north 'EY?

Got some neat ideas about some epic rides for this year. All I can say is two words : solo, self-supported. Or is that 3 words? Maybe 2.5? I dunno.



Sunday, January 22, 2006


Shifting the Blame

I was getting ready to throw my cross bike on the roof rack to take it to the pros and have my shifting problems fixed and I glanced at the chain ..........
YIKES. It failed at the master "pin", while I was stomping up the second hill (bridge) during the first loop on Saturday. I probably didn't press the pin far enough into the inside link. Amazing that it held together for the next 40+ miles. It sure wasn't far from totally letting go. Guess I failed at Bike Mechanics 101. Won't stop trying though. Like Eddie O I made a New Year resolution.

One other thing - I kept hearing about this Craft stuff. So I laid down the dinero and tried it out on Saturday. It's the BOMB. Keeps the sweat were it should be - away from the wind where it'll just make you colder. I likee.


Wanna-be bike mechanic


Saturday, January 21, 2006



I hereby declare this cold/bronchitis whatever it is HISTORY. Threw some road tires on the TriCross and went out to the Saturday team rides. 14 days since any serious bike workout. That gives rise to the question - What is serious? Answer lies in a four letter word - PAIN.

Only way to sort out/fine tune the new bike is saddle time. Felt pretty decent on the first loop with the faster group 'till I threw my chain 4 times going up the small bridge. Efff. OTB. Only had a few working gears. Tried like heck to sort out the shifting last night and it seemed okay on the stand, but when under power the chain was jumpin' around like Master P on that dance show. Time to surrender and take it in to someone that knows better. Was stuck spinnin' the small ring (a 34) for most of the day, which just won't hang in this group. but it was fun nonetheles. Except now I'm as sore as I've been in recent recorded history. In 14 days days I forgot how good it can feel to hurt.

The sun rose to a clear sky, then the front covered us like a windy blanket. Hey, the weather - it moves in cycles! Just ask JL. We actually sent off 2 groups, the fast and the faster. Who dat in da new BAR jersey?

Nothin' like 60+ miles with a "small" group of strong riders to blast the cobwebs out of the legs. <--Rollin' out for loop 2. Loop 3 had a nice beat into a 20 mph headwind. Andy and I set out early knowing the train would, as trains do, run us down, and at 1o miles, they did. Here's to Pete and Austin who stayed away.

And here's to Andy. Visiting Newport News from Richmond and joining us for the first time. Andy can normally be found tearing up Pocohontas State Park on one Butt Ugly Single Speed.
Not only was it his first ride with us, it was his first group road ride ever. He did it on a cross bike with one 40 tooth chain ring. We gotta call that baptism by fire. Good on ya'!
It was nice to be back out and gettin' a REAL



Friday, January 20, 2006


A Nice Day (bridge is) Out

So I took the

Out for a ride through SeaSnore (zzzzz) State Park and was startled to find :


Well. inquiring minds need to know so I ventured in from one of the many side trails to find the reason:

Oh come on now - I see a nice line - don't you?

Well, maybe not today!



Thursday, January 19, 2006


Quick Note and More

Found a few good blog entries from other people that share my Love2Ride :

i race ALL bikes
i now am a racer of ALL bikes... i will race mountain bikes this year in addition to road and track bikes... and i am doing cross on some pro cross team on 06-07...i race ALL bikes...

and BMX too in NC in the summer

from erik saunders who also posted a sneak peak at George Hincappie's one off custom Trek fixie.

He rides anything:

I love riding. I'll ride anything from freeride to unicycle. Once I rode a kids 16" wheeler 13 miles for fifty bucks. Yep, anything.

From Jesse Lalonde's blog creepyfriendy. Jesse is the TRUE SSWC, if there is such a thing. Wonder if he's goin' to Sweden? Jesses got plenty o' ink already but I'd put Jimmy's tats up with any cycling related ink I've seen. See more at 2drunk2shift. Jimmy's gettin married soon so I doubt he'll be goin' to Sweden (could be a nice honeymoon trip). Wonder if Rob will make it 2 SSWC's in a row and go to Sweden?

For those considering it - Round trip Norfolk to Stockholm, Sweden with only one stop in Newark - $840. Leaving Thursday before and returning Saturday after. Come on, I know you wanna go! You CAN doooooo eeeeeeeeeeet!!

Interview w/Tobias from

Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Been sitting here trying to put a schedule together for the (post TI) year and finding out its going to be a busy one! Problem is there's just not enough weekend's or too many events. The Middle Mountain Momma is probably going to be the same weekend as TIV2, so I'll have to wait one more year to redeem my disaster of a race last year (it was still fun). Got some mega FF miles to use and would like to plan a major (free) airplane trip. Right now leaning toward the Fireweed 400 in Alaska

A 400 miler with only 2 turns and a turn around. Unbelievable scenery, a view mountain passes. Basically a ride from Anchorage to Valdez and back. With a KOM hill TT preem thrown in at about mile 250. HA!!

OR the SSWC which will be in Stockholm Sweden this year. THAT would be an amazing adventure. No date set yet for the SS thing so I'll just have to wait. WOOOOPS. No sooner do I post this then get the answer :

"My name is Tobias Jönsson and me and my co-arranger Jocke Simonson are the ones incharge of the SSWC 06 which will take place here in Stockholm Sweden. At the momentwe are nervously planning, thinking and brain-storming to make this event asingle speed party to be remembered and talked about long after...We are also checking up and talking to a lot of people for info, contactingsponsors and all those little details that are so easily forgotten... At the momentwe have narrowed down the dates and we have decided to chose the weekend of friday18, saturday 19 and sunday 20 of August as the days for the event. Friday eveningwill be the welcome and registration and beer drinking evening. Saturday will bethe race day and the single speeders ball/party - the whole night long. Sunday will be thehungover brunch and guided rides day.We are planing for the whole week following the SSWC weekend to be ariding festival with lots of guided rides in different areas around Stockholm forthose who might want to make a nice riding vacation of their trip here.But at the moment we are, as you can imagine, in frenetic planning mode......we are in the process of hooking up the beer sponsor - we have our fingers crossed!With this little snippet of info we just wanted to present ourselves a bit and theearly plans and our thinking around SSWC06 at the moment. A meatier and morefilling press-release will soon follow when we have opened our SSWC 06 website...With best hopes of narrow and winding trails... "

So if anyone out there is considering the '06 SSSSWC (Stockholm Sweden SSWC!)let me know.

In case you were wondering what the 2005 Va State BAR jerseys look like here ya go:

Courtesy of BJ who will be proudly wearing it! Great job.



Monday, January 16, 2006


The Stable Groweth

My cross bike build was "sort of" finished at 5:30AM Saturday morning before the race. Still feeling under the weather. I loaded the bike up but left my riding clothes home knowing the urge to join in on the racing fun would be overwhelmingly irresistible once things got under way.
One thing I'd forgotten to get was handlebar tape. After we set up the course I took 'er out and rode it cowboy style - bare hands, bare bars, and denim, and was VERY happy with the way the bike felt. Still some tweakin' and tunin' to do here and there, but this is gonna be a new favorite. Just have to think of a name for her.

The build :

Much thanks to my bro' for the gift certificates for Christmas. Also kudos to the team sponsors for making it affordable

I'm no weight-weenie (if you saw me you'd see why) but this thing feels freaky light for a cross bike. I likeey.

The fork has an aluminum steerer with carbon legs. Feels both soft and stiff (no jokes here!)
It's soooo wide my Jones 2.1 tire and wheel from the 29er fit in with room to spare......Hmmmm, makes ya wonder.......It's possibull......It's possibuuuuuull

I hadn't built a bike up from scratch in a loooooong time. What an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



Sunday, January 15, 2006


Trashmore Laid to Waste

Very successful Trashmore Cross Race yesterday. We utilized the ONLY hill in our City to the fullest and made a fun, challenging, and just a bit sloppy course. Props to Mike "you just gotta dream it" Hosang on the layout and vision. Hopefully next year it will be included in the Va Cross series which will draw even more riders. After the race the Park Superintendent didn't have a bad word to say. The wet conditions tore the grass up some and may need to be reseeded (at our expense) but that's no big deal. Many people saw and tried cyclocross for the first time and it can only get better from here. If you were there look for your picture here. They're in the order of the heats. If you didn't do it, you should've. Study the course and come on out next year to have some cross fun! Click photos to enlarge.

The course :

From the side of the shelter a quick sprint to the barriers then retrace back

toward the evil run up.

The "runnup" was initially planned for the grass along side the steps which would've been near impossible in the wet muddy conditions. It wasn't too tough once or twice but after 5 laps it WAS responsible for a grimace or two.

Once atop the hill an out and back

To a quick left

A nice downhill

A nicer climb

Across the ridge top then back down

across the mud field

There was a big, hairy, stinky creature seen around the mud field that walked fast and allegedly caused at least one crash. View it here, click slideshow on the upper right at watch pictures 6-10 closely.

to serpentine back up the first hill

a quick, sketchy, muddy, off camber downhill

leads you to the path for a fast sprint

and you're home

REPEAT till you can't breath, or they kick you off!



Thursday, January 12, 2006


Beer tents, fans, and a nice sidekick

Hopefully the cross race Saturday will draw big crowds. Cyclocross is GREAT for spectators. They can see most of the action, the spills, the thrills, the mud, blood and agony. Cow bells will be a ringin'. No BEER tent as is customary in many American and ALL Euro races. We're be on City property so that's out. Actually it was customary in Belgium to run the races directly THROUGH the beer tents. Now that had be a crazy scene. As usual one beer leads to another to another to another to a stick in the competitors spokes, a flying beer glass and a bad problem. Those Euros take their Cross and their beer seriously. In 2005 the UCI actually banned the pass through beer tent route:

"No more beer tents in Cyclo-cross
The UCI has banned cyclo-cross races from passing through beer tents, one of the hallowed traditions in many Belgian events. The decision was made on the grounds that it was unsafe, on the basis of remarks made by Richard Groenendaal last year about the difference in inside/outside temperatures and the danger of being hit by beer glasses. However, Groenendaal said that his comments were not intended to be taken that way. "

Of course fans can, will and do still drink. Some can get quite rowdy and heckle riders to no end. What would youdo if you had an obnoxious fan shouting nasty expletives at you every time you passed by? option is learning this move. Very nice, his line didn't waver much, he got full extension and didn't lose too much speed.

Leave that beer tent alone 'till AFTER you get your

RideOn (Unless you're a smokebomber, or too drunk to shift)


Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Cross Race This Weekend

This Saturday will be the first (modern day) cyclocross race in Virginia Beach. YeeeeHaaaaw! Even though this cold has kept me off the bike for over a week how can I NOT try my first 'cross race right here in my home town. I look at it as my obligation as an environmentally aware cyclist to race on a huge pile of garbage. Santy Claus was good to me so I'm in the process of building up a nice barrier hopping steed. If it isn't ready in time I'll just use my MTB or even the 29er SS. Who knows. I walked the course Monday evening and the ground was quite moist even though it hasn't rained in a while. Add the rain we're supposed to get and we should have some awesome muddy cyclocross conditions. There's gonna be a nice healthy sized run up the small hill at Mt Trashmore, then lots of bobbing and weaving around that hill and the back end of the big hill. Here's to Mike for gettin' it done. The venue itself is sweeet, with shelters, barbecue grills, and a nice playground for kids. Even a skate park for those inclined to really bust their butt.

Almost went out and rode this AM, but figured I'd give it one more day or two. Maybe this illness was my body's way of giving me a break? Abject effort at rationalization. Our team kits got held up in customs! Hmmm, guess we shouldn't of added the firearms to that order..........



Oh yeah - A round of applause to Mom for undergoing successful cardioversion yesterday. Her ticker's back dancin' to the right rhythm!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


RAAM Views, cough cough

Wish I could say I was in the "triple top-secret training no-training stealth mode". BUT, I'm not. Just in the cold/bronchitis NO training mode. Been sick for about a week and it was all I could do to muster up enough energy for 2 weak hours on an indoor trainer. Things seem to be resolving and hopefully will be back out on the bike soon..........I'm going stir crazy.

Big congrats to BJ Samuel who was awarded the Peter Teeuwan Memorial Achievement in Cycling Award. Well deserved - she can hang it next to her State BAR Jersey!

The solo RAAM world is abuzz about the new rule changes for 2006 which will REQUIRE 40 hours of rest at designated rest stops along the way. From the rules :


2. Solo riders will be required to accumulate forty (40) hours of non riding time at specific Control Points during the race.

3. There will be approximately twenty (20) Control Points of which approximately 5 will be classified as Mandatory Control Points where the rider will be required to stop for a minimum of 2 hours. All control points will be located at Time Stations located on the race route at various intervals. Exact locations will be published in advance of race start The Control Points will be located at approximately 200 miles intervals during the beginning of the race and 100 miles intervals near the end of the race. It is possible more Control Points could be added and the intervals between Control Points could vary between 50 and 200 miles.

4. Riders can use their 40 hours of non riding time at their choice of Control Points. A Rider can divide their 40 hours of Control Stop Time as the rider chooses depending on strategy and recovery. Riders do not have to stop at each Control Point. For example: A rider may stop for 2 hours each at 20 different Control Points or stop for 5 hours each at 8 different Control Points to accumulate their 40 hours of stopped time.

Note that the "NEW" solo category is actually the "OLD" solo category :

(170) RACE DIVISIONS (Changed 2006)
Note that there is an added Solo category for 2006 -- A second category for Solo riders has been established, which is named the “Non-Stop Record” category. Entry to this category will be at the discretion of the race director. Off-bike rules in this category are similar to 2005 rules, and are the same as the 2006 rules except there is no requirement to stop at the Control Points as described in section 1100 & following.

One thing is certain in this world - Rules are Rules. I can certainly understand the feelings of those solo riders that were surprised by this. Especially if thet learned of the change after they took advantage of the early bird entree fee discount of only $1,470.

The rule change was no doubt initiated by(but not entirely due to) the tragic death of Dr. Bob Breedlove in the early days of the race last year. The event will change, evolve, and grow - for better or worse? Only time will tell. In contrast to MTB events this event is held on public roads and that won't change. The sponsors/organizers will do what they see fit to obtain the vision they have. The rest is just a whole lot of peddling!

Can't wait till I can go outside and get a good



Thursday, January 05, 2006


Best Wishes on Training and Riding

With the turn of the calendar I'm sure everyone is focusing on the next "event". Heck, everytime I'm outside and think its cold I catch myself silently wondering........

"What if it's colder than this at Trans-Iowa in April, think you can ride 30 hours in this, what if it's colder, or worse yet, colder AND raining?"

Nevertheless it's always nice to have an event to focus on, think about, plan, train, or "not" train for. The unknown ones (like TI) seem to get the most mental energy. I can't IMAGINE what it would be like with RAAM on the schedule, or any of the "BIG 3". The longer the race and the further it is away, the more logistics and planning figure in, and I'm certainly not the most organized person in the world. Fact is, I may one of be the least. Which is why these endurance events are a good "exercise" for me.

Speaking of wishes to UltraRob Lucas and Louie Lamoureux who are entered in the solo division this year.

Lou qualified last year by completing Team RAAM, and is registered for the solo version this year. His Team Give Life had a rather "interesting" experience last year - much, much drama off the bikes. They succeeded nonetheless. I "met" Lou at Sebring last year. Actually just exchanged a few kind words as our paths crossed during the race. Think your training is a challenge? Try riding across the nation with another person's kidney inside! BEST OF LUCK to Lou. More peddling and less drama than last year. You can follow his training and preparation here.

Rob Lucas qualified for solo RAAM a few years back at the Race Across Oregon, and has since repeated with qualifying times at other races including the Adirondack 540, where I saw him. I actually saw his crew more as we leap-frogged a lot in the first lap. Rob rode the most consistently paced race of anyone there. He just kept goin' and goin' and goin' - for 540 miles and 30,000+ vertical feet. Rob has some stellar palmares both on AND off the road. He's one of the few cyclists I've run into that pursue ridiculous endurance events both on the pavement and the dirt. Rob does a nice natural stairmaster workout. Just to make you weather bound gym-rats jealous! heh Follow Rob's RAAM adventure here.

So whether you're training, "not" training, or just riding .... best of luck in '006, keep the rubber side down and



Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Miscellaneous Nonsense

Finally broke down and did it. Hopped on the indoor trainer....ugh. Really not bad as long as you keep the remote near by. Fighting off a little cold so staying indoors.

Here's a video I found to whet your whistle for summertime endurance racing. Just a little snippet of Tinker from Tsali. Thanks to Addictive Cycles. REALLY going to be intereting to see how well Tinker does at RAAM this year.

So what would you do if you lived in a hilly city, say, San Francisco, and you read a magazine that published a list of the local hills with the steepest pitches? Probably the same thing this guy did?!? A well made home video. If that link doesn't work try one on this page.



Tuesday, January 03, 2006


A New Year is Here

Hope everyone had a safe, fun, New Years Eve and Day. I fell asleep on the couch by 10PM. Resisted the temptation for much fun and games. JK and crew got a nice New Year rideOn in sunny, warm (NOT!) Iowa. More photos and story here. WTG

Predictions on the number of finishers in Trans-Iowa are being bantered about on the forum. Those that know say around 10-12. I am totally clueless. All I can take responsibility for is myself. Based on that I predict at least 1 - ME! I'll certainly give it all I have in training, then enjoy the race as much as you can enjoy a "good kick in the package." That's what it's all about. I sure don't have plans on winning the thing, there's many more qualified riders entered. I'm just looking for another way to expand the envelope a bit.

With all the variables that are part of race like this, this far away, I don't think anyone can be too sure about finishing at this point. There's too much ground to cover between now and then. Train, plan, prepare, and enjoy the ride. 'ts all one can do. Certainly gotta think the return T-I'ers have the edge as far as what to expect. I think 4 riders that finished last year are returning. I know at least one that didn't make it last year is returning. I wonder how many more are coming back for a second shot at it?

Photo from the training table.

Here's to the New Year!


Oh yeah - still working on the new banner, more stuff to iron out.

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