Sunday, July 24, 2005


A Buck and some (small) Change

The Buck
I got up a bit late for the PowhatenTour de Vin Century and underestimated the time it took to get there from Chester. A few miles from the High School and I saw a large group of riders leaving on the 7:00 mass start.

The R3000 was the vehicle of choice today

After sign-up set-up etc. I rolled out at 7:35 or so. The legs were very lethargic from the last 2 days of hard riding, but after the first 20 miles they really livened up. I met up with Paulo (no not this Paulo - although they look like they could be related!) and his friend Dan who were both at the crit yesterday shortly after the 2o mile rest stop, seems they splept in a bit too, and we decided to ride together. It was MUCH cooler than Saturday - what a relief. Miles 30-80 were great then the heat kicked up and some hamstring cramps started, but I peddled through them and we made it in as a group. We had to battle some enraged bike hating motorists on the last 5 miles but aside from that the ride was great. Traffic at a minimum and some healthy hills to keep it interesting. My Polar was disfunctional but I'd guess about 3500 to 4000 feet of climbing. Our odometers came up 3 miles short of 100 so we went back out for a few more miles to hit triple digits officially.

The (small) Change

After a post ride sit down and chat with the boys as we watched the girls come in, I packed up and headed for Pochohontas State Park. I admit it I was whipped, but it was something I just had to do. I never made it to the Red Trails but the others were nice and a convienient call from by ol' pal Andy in Chesta' gave me a reason to rest my weary (no not this wherry) legs and have some lunch before the drive home.

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