Sunday, November 15, 2009


Man of Many Talents

La Ruta de los Conquistadores wrapped up yesterday. Many, many stories and much drama from this self described "World's Toughest Mountain Bike Race".

The FAST JB exercised his body and exorcised some demons down there. He successfully finished the stage that almost killed him a few years back, and kissed the ground when he was done. If it wasn't for a few mechanicals and some wrong turns, he might of been the 1st American to ever win it.

Forever young Tinker had similar navigational problems that led to a DQ for not following the course. He got back on his magic carpet and finished the last 2 stages "off the record". He was first over the top on the toughest climb on day three.

Manny Prado, a Costa Rico native won the race, fulfilling a dream he had 6 years ago when he first entered.

The second stage featured a new climb that was an hour long at a pitch of %30. When Jeremiah says its "The toughest, steepest thing I've ever ridden", you know it's for real.

Check CyclingDirt for some awesome coverage and many, many, great interviews.

Perhaps the most compelling story was of Ben Bostrom. "BBoz" is no stranger to going fast on 2 wheels.

His motorcycle palmares include multiple AMA Championships, Superbike and Sportbike wins around the world, and even an X-Game gold medal! photo credit

This was his FIRST mountain bike race. WHAT! That's right his first mountain bike race - and he's out there mixin' it up with the best in the world. He only rides 4 months a year - when he's not racing his moto.

He won the Masters A 30-39 division with a total time that would've been good enough for a 5th in the Open division. Next year he's actually going to train for the event - WATCHOUT!.
Check this video of some BBoz craziness at LagunaSeca.

The post race interview is great. On the final pavement section of the last stage he gets his first real experience in a "pro" paceline, and learns all about the chicken wing.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt
Pretty amazing.

Speaking of men of many talents - Metro's post that had Christopher Walken performing Lady Gaga's Pokerface reminded me of this old Fatboy Slim video :


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