Friday, November 27, 2009


Post Day of Thanks

Cleaned 2-3 years of dust off an old steed and took it for an early morning TurkeyDay ride.

Looked for some Thanksgiving dinner on the way and came up with a few prospects :

But I didn't have the heart to put 'em on the table, so they got the presidential pardon.

Went to check out some Florida single track at the BigLittle Econ State Park. 8-9 miles on the road to get to the trails. Wasn't too bad especially since you got to pass through the Ville of the Taint.

Seems like they should be soliciting DZ to have his product made and shipped from here. It would be a match made in heaven if ya ask me.

Sampled some nice flowy single track

on this fine old steed

Can't decide what makes this bike so sexy and fast. Gotta be either the "Pro" decal or the sweet sexy seat bag.

Hope everyone had a great TurkeyDay and got a chance to get your

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