Monday, February 04, 2008


It's Official

While most of the rest of the world was up enjoying a nice mountain bike weekend at Sherando and Harrisonburg, some of us went to take the course and get our Cycling Officials certification.

Can't say enough about the people who gave the course. Their enthusiasum made the whole thing totally enjoyable.

We should also send some appreciation the way of those that offiiciate all of our events. Sure they get paid a (very) nominal amount, but most of them are out there just because they enjoy it.

The 50 question test was open book, but still not a breeze. You actually did have think through the questions. I was impressed.

The best question of the test was something like :

The key tenent of Mountain Bike Racing is :

a.) Dirt is always better than asphalt

I can't remember what the other choices were, but that one sure got a "lol" out of me. Was it the correct choice? You'll have to read the rule book to find out!

Also big props to Roger, who set up the wonderful venue, arranged for the food, and led a bunch of us out on a nice morning group ride around the area. We came across a number of dogs, but they all had 4 legs.



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