Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Group Riding is Fun

I rode down to Conte's for my first "official" Tuesday morning group ride. The whole way telling myself.....be patient, be patient, don't blow up, this isn't a race, stick with the group, etc.etc.etc.

I got a better feel for the rhythm and dynamics of the ride this time around but still almost F'd it up. After the first regroup we rolled out onto Shore Dr. and someone was already way off the front. The group was getting going a bit slowly (groups are just that way) so I went to the front and said "Can we go out and catch that guy?" I got the reply "Go ahead if you want!" Woooops, put my foot in my mouth there. What was I to say then? "Nah, I'll just sit back here...".....Sooooo there I go again..... off the front on the path to sure self destruction, just WHAT was I thinking? I got within maybe 20-30 yards of the guy and was total redlined. I looked back and could barely see the group. I think I got a lucky redlight gap on 'em. SO now the goal was to just ease up enough to get it back and see how long I could stay away. Just before Atlantic the group came up and by me with a FULL head of steam (groups are just that way!) 24 mph felt like reverse. I did manage to grab the last wheel without too much of a problem this time and finished the ride comfortably.

Group riding is FUN!

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