Thursday, September 07, 2006


OKAY - They're Here!

Just what I needed - another blog! Click below to get more info and links to the 7Springs photos.

It was really quite an experience "covering" the race. Thanks to all you riders for given'r hell out there. Truly an epic event. I'd a been out there with ya' but have a big race in a little over a week. Click slideshow and sit back if you want to just chill and watch the photos.

Keep in mind that the photos in the galleries are low res. ALL of these photos were shot at full resolution with an 8.1 megapixel camera, and saved at maximum file size in JPEG. Over 5 GIGS of photos. The prints are made of course with the full High-Resolution file. EVERY shot was edited, cropped, corrected, filtered etc. by me. I went through the files 3 times. Didn't do ANY batch processing.

You'll find a lot more scenery around the riders in my shots than elsewhere, the terrain is what makes it mountain biking. If you just want a picture of yourself on your bike, get it out on the driveway.

I enjoyed going back through the photos. There's some classic facial expressions in there. Real heart and soul. Made me smile. A lot. All you racers out there deserve a big round of applause.



Those pictures are f'n sweet. The conditions were epic!! Makes looking at the pictures that much more bone chilling!
Great shots! They really capture the experience of the race (and the beautiful surroundings) quite well.
Your pics are great, but smugmug's processing is terrible. I ordered 3 prints from them and was very disappointed in the quality. They are very grainy and the color is washed out.
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