Wednesday, August 30, 2006


BEWARE - Roadie Content

Been trying to organize and archive a veritable plethora of pictures from the last year. Came across a few wierd ones.

Always liked the sounds of cycling. In a fast group on the road you can hear the power tearing from the the tires into the pavement. Tried to capture that at the CSC Invitational up in Arlington earlier this year. WARNING - Objects in the video are much closer than they appear. Laying on my side behind a barrel, I wasn't more than 12 inches from a screaming pace line of 100 pro cyclists going 30+.

So if you need a roadie fix, here it is.

Snapped some pics of the CSC team while walking through the pits. Just what was Matti Breschel trying to say to me here? Sorry, I don't go that way. He did have a great ride, the only CSC rider to finish a Crit that saw over 80 pros drop out, leaving only 20 or so that finished. I think Matti got 5th just behind Tony Cruz. Seated to his right is Andria Perone and Lars Michaelsen .

The effort at the B.R.Extreme on Sunday didn't FEEL that hard - probably 'cause I started off pacing myself for the full century. No soreness after. BUT - my legs just weren't there yesterday morning. Go uncerimoniously dropped on not just 1, but 2 group rides. bleh. All before 8AM. Wonderful. Gotta love it.

Looks like Ernesto is trying to muck up many a riding plan for the weekend. Fingers crossed.



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