Thursday, August 24, 2006


So, Imagine if You Will.......

A world class cyclist comes into your town for a race, but the airline loses his bike, clothes and gear.

Your wife offers her nice Cannondale Rush as a loaner substitute, and its delivered up to his hotel room, where he is about to place new tires on it for the race, so hers don't get anymore worn.

You get home, hear about it, throw a fit, and say that it was a stupid thing to do. "We just paid good money for that bike honey, he's going to trash it out. I'm not going to let this happen!"

Like a flaming idiot you go up to his hotel room and snatch the bike back, telling the pro he should just get your wife a new bike if he wants to use this one, after all, he IS sponsered.


Yes this did happen. To Tinker Juarez at the Jay Peak this year. Only 2 people really know the true scenario behind it. Who backed down? The husband? The wife? Is it grounds for divorce? The above is just a imagionary postulation from the Twilight Zone.

Heck, if they'd of just let him ride the race, win it, and sign the frame, the bike would've been worth more afterward than before. Even if he did manage to put a few dings or scratches on it. Which I'm sure he wouldn't of, since he rides his mountain bikes as if on a magic carpet.

If you've seen him float over some gnarly single track you know it's true.

Read Tinker's account here. Thanks to Andy at Single Track Mind for the link.

Mr. Juarez will be up at the 7Springs 24 hour doing a group ride on Friday. If I go, I'll BEG HIM to please ride my bike. Go ahead, scratch it up too!

Looking to get a bit Extreme this weekend.



yo JB-
nice work with the flying carpet picture.
and good luck at Blue Ridge!

Hey, can I borrow your bike??

W/regard to the bike. I sure don't have a problem with it.

But I guess I better check w/the wife ?!?!................ ;-).
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