Monday, January 08, 2007


Pole Green Cross

So this Sunday I went up to the Cobblestone Bike's Pole Green Cyclocross Race. I started at the back of the age group men and worked my way through all of them to take the win.

After a quick ten minute rest and I lined up at the back of the A men. I worked my way through the group. It was hard catching the 2 leaders, but I did, then passed them. I was pretty whipped at that point. They passed me back and I came in 3rd. It was a good day of racing and a great workout.

OK now, those that know, know I could never do that. Heck, I'd need an upgrade just to get in one of those groups. But DeeDee Winfield was there, and yes, SHE did all the above. Pretty impressive. You can follow the races in the pictures I took. Info on the photo blog. She and her husband Buck are leaving Thursday for Belgium. She'll race 2 UCI Cross races and then the Worlds.

It was great to see Joel, AC, Kevin and the Cobblestone crew. They put on a great event, on a fun, challenging course.

There was a nice flat section off the start, a 180 turn into the barriers, some more flats, then off to the hill section.

One hill was barely rideable, the other was a sure runup.

The hills were a little bigger for some then others.

But were hard on everyone.

After the last hill was a quick 100 yards on pavement, then a nice 5 inch curb to negotiate before heading into the grass for a nice rythym section.

You had three choices with the curb:

Be safe and dismount. After all the pit area was at least 1/2 mile away. A long run if you pinchflat.

Do the one-two bunny hop. First the front, then the rear.

Or get your speed way up, concentrate hard, and levitate you and your bike up and over..........

More grassy flats over to the volleyball court sand pit. You could ride across the sand in a straight line, but making a 180 turn in the soft stuff was near impossible, so it was best to dismount and run.

Big props to everyone out there. Especially all the kids who raced the way we all should - with the selfless, egoless, exuberence of youth.

Stephen De Lisle took the Mens A. Well done.

Best off luck to the whole Winfield family and crew on their European adventure.

It was a great day to go out and get your



looks like fun,, how about we ride our road bikes to pole cat.......???????
Nice pics, JB!
you guys still have cross races going on?

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