Monday, December 25, 2006


Ho Ho Ho


Been feeling like fecus (that's a JM term). But couldn't resist getting out on the bike for the first time in 6 days.

How many times would I get a chance to ride TO Christmas ON Christmas?

~12 of us left early to get out ahead of the forecasted rain and tornado warnings. Fell off the lead group of 6 with a puncture. Hooked up w/Brian and finished the ride to Christmas.

Unfortunely we found out that Christmas is CLOSED on Christmas. At least Fort Christmas is. Oh well.

Went past the Fort to Rt50 looking for fuel/water. None to be found. 3 1/2 hours on one bottle of dilute fruit juice had to get 'er done.

Good thing we finished before the storms - and a reported tornado or 2. What attracts tornados to trailer parks anyway?

On the ride I met Tim who was sporting a Gold Rush Randonee Jersey. Turns out he finished BMB behind JohnJ and knows a bunch of other ultraroad dudes I've ridden with. Once again proving the longer you ride, the smaller the world gets.

Also in the lead group was a guy on a sweeeeeet red SWorks Fixey. Knew Specilaized made the fixey, but never knew they had an SWorks. NICE. Just what I need, another bike to lust after. Oh Yeah - He was pushin' a 53x13..............WHAT?!?!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, even if you weren't IN Christmas.

Tonight I kick my brothers arse on QB1.

Give someone you love a hug and be sure to get your



wuz up jb? merry xmas,nice nat coverage. see ya on de road,soon????or dirt......
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