Sunday, December 24, 2006


You Birds Be Good

Back in high school my friends mom used to tell us that before we went out and caused all sorts of mayhem.

Looking through and thinking back over the whole NATz thing :

It was a fun new experience. Some great racing going on. Sifting through 100s of pics is like reliving the races all over again.

Just as Virginia is the land of 7-11s (we can't go 2 miles around here without seeing one) Providence seemed to be the land on Dunkin Donuts, so when in Rome...........

Some prerace eats for the hungry boys.

Our "pits" were far and away below the standards set by some, but still gave the guys what they needed to get ready and warmup away from the cold wind.

We had a real hell of a time getting the helmetcams setup. A short in one of the power supply lines keep melting wires and burning up batteries. 4 trips to RadioShack in the 2 days before the event. Trying to whip this whole setup together the night before the race was a difficult and possibly futile task. Needed time for more beta testing.

During the race one of the miniDVRs got so hot it burned Mike's ass. Actually melted the paint off the thing. Sorry, no butt picture here. We had the DVRs in the pockets of a jersey he was wearing inside his skin suit, so there was no way he could get 'em out till the race was done.

As were packing up to head out I ran into John J. He told me he'd be there, but in the excitement of the weekend, I'd forgot. Was nice running in to him. Heard Sandy was gonna be there too, but never saw him. It's a small world.

Last but not least big props to Dee Dee, representing our district well. After having a baby 17 months ago she strated cross racing. Now she has a Stars and Stripes jersey, and a spot on the National Team to race at Worlds next month, WTG and best of luck. Liz put a bunch of stuff on Dee Dee here

So I hope everyone has a great, safe, enjoyable holiday spent with the ones you love and hold dear. You birds be good.



this dog will be good!
You failed to mention the bickering as we were exiting the dunkin donuts!!! Good stuff
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