Friday, April 13, 2007


One of THOSE Days?!

6 riders started at 7AM for a ride of many lengths.

Every now and then you have one of those days. You know what I'm talkin' about. Legs are bottomless pits of endless energy. Every time you ask 'em for more, it comes easily. Breathing is deep and easy, you're never gasping for air. You know you'll NEVER get dropped ................

Well today definitely WASN'T one of them....... But it was still fun.

Cool and windy. Sunny. Might've been the best day of the weekend? We'll see. Nor'easter forecast for the next 2 days.

Team C'Dale equipped for the long ride and ready to gather data. Looking for 100 miles (that's 160.93 km).
Afterwards I find myself staring blankly at pretty graphs and trying to decipher strange acronyms. FWIW - 3,862 kJoules today, with a TSS of 322 and an IF of .858. Damn, I'm starting to sound like Dave. Now if I only knew what it all meant.

JDiesel got us through the long flat (windy) roads of south VB.

At the bridge we traded his engine for JMissle,who was out there doing hill repeats.

Pleasant surprise hooking up w/ the AAB guys, somewhere by Northwest River Park. Two more strong engines to pull us through and across the 15-20mph wind. After 2.5 hours, time to turn for home.
Skinny Steve and Amos were killin' it.

Creed's is still a great place to refuel. Liz went off the front on a flyer and it took all five of us miles to reel her in.

Every now and then I forget there's an ocean here, and people spend hard earned cash to visit.
Tourist season is here. Weather or not.
Nothing like some Endurox slush for post ride relief. You know you've worked hard when that stuff actually tastes GOOD!

That was and epic ride for sure. Thanks for the pulls.
I can't wait to come back and ride!
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