Monday, April 02, 2007


S- L- acker

Been pretty busy w/life, ridin/racin, and the photo stuff. With races every weekend it's hard to find the time, since as we know, it waits for no man. So it sure aint waitin for me.

Been gettin' some good rides in on the new team frame. Also tryin' to get the whole PowerTap thing sorted out. I rarely even use a bike computer, so switchin to full on Power training is a new thing. Thanks to the team and our resident Potentate of the PowerTap for workin' the great deals, and for the endless supply of knowledge, advice, and answers to my stupid questios.

Had the PT hub built up to a nice beefy (like me) ZIPP404 Clydesdale 32 hole. At 4.5 pounds w/tire & tube, it sure aint no sprinting/climbing wheel, but at this point Coach says data is far more important than results. I'm down with that.

Racin' up at Langley Speedway was a rush. My 3rd Crit of the year and finally finished with the group, avoided carnage (and there was PLENTY), and got a good ride on. But I gotta admit one thing - just hearing the sound of the wreckage gives me chills. Maybe I'm old and scared? Maybe just old. It's been great seeing the same folks each weekend. The AAB team has a great roster of good guys. Can't say I'm sorry Stevo will be upgrading, he'll be missed, but at least this way he'll be in more photos!

Also nice to have CD on the team roster, albeit incognito w/no team jersey yet. Was tempted to go with him on this break, but discretion and tactics conquered valor and stupidity for a change . He rode hard like the strong MTBer he is. Gotta say I was pretty miffed to see someone attack while a guy is still down, laying in the middle of the course, while we're being routed around him. Then go on to take the win. Sure not the kind of sportsmanship I thought his team represents.

Props to Shawn who nabbed a 3rd in C4. Never even saw him in the race till the finish line. That's the way to play your cards right.

Much too much to write about the TriPowerers. D-Bo was at his aggro best, attacking everytime his HR dropped back below 200. K-Dog put in 2 killer rides, with Crazy, SpeedyBill, TurboTim, and MarcoPolo all nabbing big points. We'll get a writeup on the team blog. I didn't even mention the ladies, with Carol getting the group sprint and BJ pulling down even more points.

K-Dog even gets the banner on GamGems for the week! Thanks Mike. Don't even think of doggin' the dogs jewelery. When you ride like that (and you're from Joisey) you can bling as many chains around your neck as you want.



Thanks for the kind words. I'll fly the flames soon enough. Heck, if you'd come with me maybe we could have stayed away in a two-up time trial. OK, maybe not. There were a lot of teams representing. Can't speak to the dude's attack. I was off the front and starting to fade when that crash went down. Good day all-in-all.
Thanks for the shout out and pic on your blog. It was a great day of racing. I think my new motto wil be "If you can't be fast be crafty". I am looking forward to see the rest of the pics from the race.
Nice work to everyone.
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