Friday, April 06, 2007



I rode/drove/looked at the USOpen Road course from Williamsburg to Richmond on Friday.

It's FAST. WICKED fast. Seemed like I was constantly going downhill. There will NOT be any breaks getting away on the race into the city. The roads are smooth and vary from the wide and highly traveled Rt 5, to narrow, twisty, tight, country lanes that seldom see traffic.

The last circuits through the city are VERY tough. Think Captech Classic with 3 times as much climbing and what seems to be 1 mile of cobbles each lap. Cobbles uphill at Libby St and cobbles downhill on Cary St. The city circuit (for the guys) is 30 blocks long from one end to the other. It's a beast to ride.

The Libby St climb comes all the way up from the River to the top of the hill near Chimborazo Park (for those who have raced the 3Sports Cross race). Once at the top of the hill, the racers won't have much time to enjoy the view as they fly down(hill) on Main St. and pass under Rt 95, where they begin another climb that doesn't peak until after a turn up 12th St that goes by the Governers Mansion.

5 long circuits and the race will be done.

Ran into a familiar face while checking out the course. Stopped and said hey. He seemed really interested in the Team frame on my car.
Very approachable, very professional, very easy to talk to, I was quite impressed.

Was going to bring my oldest girl to Richmond to watch at Libby Hill, but the weather dissuaded me. It's going to be real hard man's race today.
Cool that you met Floyd.
we should all chip in and hire floyd, we can just cross out art`s name on his new frame when it comes in.........................
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