Saturday, September 26, 2009


Forcast is For ....


Steady to intermittant drizzly spitting rain all day. Road riding would be foolish and/or just plain nasty.

So it was MTB Friday.

Of all the EVMA trails Redoubt at New Quarter park is the one I'm least familiar with. But that's gonna change. Fun flowy singletrack, some short punchy climbs, and enough TTF's to keep anyone happy.

What is it about MTBing that makes Mexican food taste so good?

About 18 months ago we finished the build on a plush new FS 29er. Unfortunately I had some surgury done shortly there after so the bike has had to sit patiently while I struggled through a longer than expected recovery. Some pics up in a gallery here.

Initial impression was 3 thumbs up. OK make that 2 thumbs and a big toe. The bike is everything I expected and then some.

A more complete review will follow.


Redoubt, No doubt! Great you see back on the bike. BTW, have you seen my wheel? HA!

Last I rememebr that wheel was seen rolling down some road in southern Florida.....

If I remember correctly it was attached to a bike that you were riding.

That's prolly no help.....

Again... how could you lose a wheel?
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