Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Is not dead yet!

although by the way I've been riding one might think it's owner is ..........

Season is in full swing now. LOTS and lots of good race reports. Click on the locals links to the left.

Thanks for all the emails of 'concern'. HAH. Nice to know people are still checkin' up on me.

Full on blogging (what is that?) will be underway again starting April 1.

(Thanks to Bob and BJ for the pics)

Glad to see you back!
you aprils fool you.....
And here I was about to delete you.
Blogging is so secondary to soaking up the sun like you are in the photos. I do miss your posts though and will like seeing the world again through your funny and postive lens.
happy april fools day JohnB!
go ahead and stick a fork in it, this blog is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, as a racer i thought you and your readers would like to know about the the Mount Kenya 10 to 4 (10thousand feet to 4 thousand feet) http://www.10to4.org/
a race in Kenya to raise money for Mount Kenya and its diverse assembly of animal life. What a great experience. I hope that you and other american riders would consider competing some day. At one place the race was shortly held up by elephants!
One of the greatest bike experiences of my life. cheers,
james christian
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