Tuesday, February 28, 2006


New --- Blog Links and Levels of Pain

A few new links to some bloggers.

He might be 2DRUNK2SHIFT on the Sunday night fixed gear smoke bomb runs, but he's quite sober whenever I see him hangin' loose at the shop. Jimmy "Big Daddy" Miller needs a touch of sobriety when he's out flyin' his newest IF creation at Riverside. (photo credit to Rob)

This IF 29er complements his sweeeeet IF fixey - "ol blacky". Not sure if that's what he calls it, but it seems like a good name. Just like EC's guitar. Check 2DRUNK2SHIFT out for good reading about da' local boy-eeeees, as well as various libation reviews and pics of some of his nice ink. Doesn't JW have to get one of those with his new ride?
Sweet bike.....and he takes it off nice jumps for, like, 3 feet of air. Gives new meaning to the phrase "Earth to Jimmy."

This is one of the best bike photos I've seen in a while, WTG Jimmy.

SO........ 2 people have already, for whatever reason, chosen to sacrifice their Trans-Iowa spots. One was snapped right up by Gary Fisher rider Jesse LaLonde. If you follow ANYthing about SS's you already know who he is. He stomped a bevy of SS luminaries at the SSWC05 on his purple Gary Fisher Rig. I have a fondness for purple RIGs. His blog is linked up under the Trans-Iowa BlogRoll. A BlogRoll is sorta like a JellyRoll, but less fattening.

Jesse's blog CREEPYFRIENDLY has been a regular read for awhile. Good stuff. Jesse rides anything, and rides it fast. He rides with the power of the Diamond Wizard.

Had a nice Tuesday morning ride. My legs are coming back! Yee-Hawwww. Art the Dart was there, power meter and all, after an impressive showing in the mens B at the Snowball Crit.

I'm proud to say that I reached a new level of indoor pain on the trainer on Sunday. Left me yearning for more.

Now go out and get your



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