Sunday, February 19, 2006


Long Story Short

Many records fell at the Sebring 12/24 this year. Bacchetta recumbents are wicked fast in the hands of the Killer Bee race team, and very comfortable for the long haul. There was a wide variety of HPV's out there, some looking like they were from another planet. I saw this (--->) fairinged "bent" in middle of the pit road in the pre-dawn darkness. I thought it was the turnaround marker. When it started moving toward me I didn't know whether to stand and fight or run for cover. Incredible performances by many.

Last year 2006 solo RAAM entrant Mitchell Lesack set my age group record. This year I was able to best it by about 17 miles, but I believe someone else topped it by even more. They'll have results up this week sometime. More photos and details later.



387m is an insane amount of pavement. way to ride, man!
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