Thursday, February 16, 2006


From the Road

Started getting my stuff together to hit the road for Fla. I had to overcompensate after getting caught ill prepared and clothes-less last year in the cold at night. After packing for a few hours I realized I'd packed most of my closets and much of the bedroom. So I figured what the heck, don't hold back- may as well bring the whole house down

I checked the weather forecast and it looks like a high almost to 80 and an overnight low only in the mid 50's. Yeee Haaaw. Nice to see cold weather not repeat itself year to year. Wouldn't mind if that trend continued here. So with the expected heat I said "Why Not?" May as well bring the swimming pool too

Installation in the pit area is progressing nicely. You can't be too prepared.

On a side note - Stopped at Conte's the day before leaving and they hooked me up with some of Specialized's newest tricked out skinny skins to try :

They have a very tubular look when mounted. Got 'em all jacked up to 120, we'll see how that feels and how they roll.

Seems like their new MTB grips are looking more and more like this.

DON'T try to put on a new DOORAY ACHEY 10 speed chain without the chain tool made specifically for installing the master pin.

The light setup for Sebring. No HID, it's just not needed on a flat course with no cars/obstacles. Two Cateyes - HL-EL500 on the bottom for far away. HL-EL300 on the top aimed for close range. It will be MORE than enough for a closed road course. This gives a descent dispersion pattern.

Looking AT the bike --->

Over and out. Here's the schedule for live at the race on the bike audio posts :

6:30AM Saturday - From the starting line.

6:00-6:30 PM Saturday - During the transition to the night portion.

Throughout the night until Sunday at 6:30 AM- whenever I'm bored (it will be often) and feel the need to offer foggy pearls of delerious cycling wisdom. I won't get a chance to delete anything stupid I say until later on Sunday, so catch 'em while you can.

Thanks to Russ at for trying to work out a hot link to the audio posts.

Till then


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