Friday, September 29, 2006


Bad Blogger

So it's been awhile since Blogger let me post photos, eternally frustrating. It seems to be working now, so gotta run with it. Adding some photos to another ADK writeup, so say tuned.

In the meantime I got almost 4 hours in today. Felt really comfortable on the Six13. Till I got to about 90% of maxHR anyway. First ride of the year with arm warmers. Like it. Where did the year go?

On the way back I stopped off for a few hours to finish a little project I started yesterday on the beach.

I missed our first CX practice yesterday...... wonder how it went?



ps - Actual credit for record sandcastlle goes to Team Sandtastic, I just stopped by to grab some of the glory. 37' 9" high.Well done

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