Monday, September 11, 2006


Decisions, Decisions

Sunday possibilities - The 3rd PLT TT? or The 2nd Hilbert?

Spin for 30-40 minutes on a trainer, then assume the position for an hour? Or go out to hit some berms, rail some turns, grind some hills, and get some thrills?

No brainer, time to get dirty.

Saw many bikes with skinny tires and funny handlebars on cars going east on rt 64 as I drove west at 6:30AM.

Ever since just before the 18 Hour I've had elusive shifting problems on the Epic. Downshifting under power. Every gear, every ring - frustrating as hell. Finally figured it out. Cable housing under the bottom bracket was too short. You can see where the cable end was wearing on the frame stop. Had the cables/housings replaced before the 18 hour. Next time I'll do it myself. If I rode my MTB more than once every 1-2 weeks I'd of probably been forced to figure it out earlier.

Went out to preride a lap and realized the 1.8 Houflle's, which worked so nice on dry hard trails just wouldn't cut it in the soft wet areas. Especially on the climb after the bridge. Just couldn't get traction. Funny that Specialized touts them as a mud tire. So it was back to the car to switch out the rear tire 20 minutes before start time. Shouldn't be a big deal - unless I pinch the tube the first time - I did. Slap another one in and off to the start 3 minutes early.

Haven't been feeling really great on the bike lately. And so the race went. Still was a good workout. Hilbert is an awesome place to race.

Team Lummox rocked the house knocking us out of 1st place in the race for the Team Cup. Best three places score and you can't their beat 3 firsts. WTG. We didn't have enough entered to score as a team. There IS one more race. We'd better BRING IT!

Was showered and packed up ready to head back when I see Schup and Dan-O heading out of the pits together. Turns out Scott caught Dan and they left for the last lap together with 10 minutes left on the clock in the 5 hour enduro. Dam, have to wait to see the finish of this. Dan flatted out and Scott got it! Nice ridin' guys. Now Scott has good reason to practice his shakey victory salute, and maybe he'll remember to remove the body jewelry next time?

Big props to Susan who stopped her racing to help a downed rider, then turned around to ride out and get him help. Dude messed up his ankle bad and had to be carried out. Heal quick.

Blogger not letting me add photos .......... AGAIN! waaaaaaah



A definate No Brainer!
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