Friday, October 27, 2006


Weekend Treats

Too many rides, Too little time. This weekend choices are a plenty, why are they all on the same day?

Chimborazo Cross - The first race of the VaCross Series

You just KNOW you want to watch last year's video of the Men's B Race ONE MORE TIME!

Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge -

A classic, one of the longest running MTB races in the nation.

Will the fast JB and EaTOUGH be there again this year?

Between the Waters Century -

A great scenic ride on the Eastern Shore I've done the last 2 years. Lots of teamates heading up. More than one on a fixey.

I know YoungBill wants to pass more people.........

2.5 hours easy in SeaSnore last night. Felt so good I did 2 more this morning, even pushed it a little. Been the best recovery from a 24 so far. Preliminary plans are to preride TMBC Saturday PM, stay on that side of the water, make a game day decision. After watching that video, I wanna go to Chimbo, but think some of my legs are still in Texas. Have to play it by ear.

A little game.

Where's JB?

Photo by DanD of the T24TT start.



Whatever you decide to do, good luck. They all look like fun.
Thanks Jared,

My gut tells me to stay away from Andy. He's accumulating a long list of fallen injured riders around him.
First - me at the TourdeCure century
2nd - Wayne on a road ride
3rd - You and your finger

Not to mention the other injured friends he has - Nate and Chris. Just coincidence? Hmmmmmm
back row, left side
You got it Liz,

Fiddling with my camera. Firgured the day-glow vest (required now on UMCA 24hr road rides) would throw you off.

Get that thesis done!
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