Sunday, October 08, 2006


6 Strong Engines and a Caboose

I get a message on the way home from the Seagull that the Hilbert race is canceled. Made me even happier we did the century. Also heard of the planned Sunday CX bike ride.

Got out at the crack of dawn to try and spin some life into my legs. Then met the elite group of 6 go fast boys in SeaShore. :

Crazy (his 2ness)
Speedy BillG(rt--->)
Turbo Tim
Young Mark
Art the Dart(lt----->)
and BrianS

6 strong engines and a caboose (me).

I can say for sure that bikes never passed through that stretch of trail that fast .... ever.

Of course I was dropped, not once, but twice. Thanks for waiting guys. They went on for more road work, I stayed in the park to spin easy.

Tim and Bill had new Specialized TriCrosses. Looked nice.

Other News
Chris Eatough takes second at the 24hr "Worlds". The real news is the Aussie Craig Gordon who came from around the world to win.
Young Brandon Draugelis took 3rd. Love2RidePhoto from 7Springs '05
Sue Haywood won the women's 24hr, with enough laps to be 6th place in the men's.



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