Friday, October 13, 2006


Yellow is the New Pink.....

This is my CX bike. I take it off sweet jumps. I like it a lot. Laura got one just like it. I guess the bikes are related.

Note the nice yellow cranky pedals.

Yellow is the new pink, which was the new black.

Thursday night cross practice is blooming. Michael once again proves :

If you build it, they will come.

5 laps, 54 barriers. Only 2,696 barriers left to do.

"The symbology of the Iron Cross goes back to the christian cross and more specifically the crosses used in the crusades (e.g. the Maltese Cross). Thus the religious meaning of the cross was mixed with connotations of war, conquest and heroism. The Iron Cross as a military decoration was introduced by King Frederick William III of Prussia in 1813 as the highest military decoration in the Napoleonic War. It was awarded equally to sodiers of all military or social ranks. It was awarded for the most exceptional courage, bravery and heroism. "

2 days left......................



JB...I've never attempted blogging before, but apparently it's the only way that I can reach you. This is Charles Clarkson. I know you said that you are always up for a road trip. Just wondering if you or anyone else would be interested in driving down to clear springs MS for the 24 hour race on the 28th of Oct. I am going and, at the moment, I will be making the trip solo.
Hey Charles,

Shoot me an email.

the blog name at mindspring dot com
Great Job JB on your first ironcross!!! A must do for next year...
Yes, great to have you and everyone else there racing and carrying on! I've got your electrical tape.
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