Friday, October 06, 2006



Somewhere I remember a sports coach back in high school saying that was the # of times you need to repeat something before the action becomes natural and you can do it without thinking.

CX practice was fun and furious as Crazy ("his twoness") led us around for some laps of the Trashmore course, including the monster runup. Over and over.

Then to the barriers to work on technique. CD had the step through dismount silky smooth.
Me, I had enough trouble just unclipping from my new Yellow Crankys. Art the Dart took one and only one pass through the barriers. Through being the key word there.

As the sun set it was up to the top of the big hill for some photo ops. At the top of the climb we interrupted a loving couple .......... lets just say we weren't the only ones "Gettin' 'er done."

God Bless America.

Then it was over to Danbos for some din-din and a review and critique of our video'ed efforts. Thank you Dan and wife.

I need lots of work.


only 2,750 more barriers to do.................


You might be asking - What is this Cyclocross (CX)? Click here for a primer.

Good onya, brave soldier. Seagull Century aint got nuthin on you!
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