Thursday, November 23, 2006


A Day of Thanks

While my homeys are trapped on their indoor trainers dealing with the rains of a nor-easter, I had the chance to get a nice 2 1/2 hour ride done in some cool and sunny Fla. weather. Props to Young Bill and the Green Machine for gettin' out in the Tidewater rain and gettin' it done anyway.

A pre-ride panorama of a few of the many that went out in 4 separate groups.

Yes they do.

Unlike yesterday the sub50 degree temps warmed up as quick as the pace did. A nice new bridge early in the ride to get us goin' .

Good too see the Florida crew and get a nice T-Day RideOn. Nice to see Cori is back out on the road after a broken leg a little over a month ago.

Have a Great Turkey Day


Good to see that your riding conditions were way nicer than ours! I slept in, and hit the gym, so it's all good. This weekends weather should be sweet
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