Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Be Heard

and I hope you did too.

wow, you have a six-13???
Just the top tube,

I'm saving my money so I can get the rest of the bike.

Which reminds me...........

>>>how long till the team frames??<<<

Speaking of new bikes in the morning makes me yearn for caffiene
I saw one of those in the shop the other day with a lefty on it... It was pretty sweet looking, but rear tire clearance was TIGHT!
Team Frames? Haven't heard anything new...
Dam, I didn't check that. I know why you did though. Why don't they think of that $hit when they design these things.

The one in the shop is a medium. Chuck says my size came in yesterday.........
They always seem to get certain bikes strategically, and particularlly in your size!!!
You know I like a lotta clearance in the rear...
Kevin is just trying to divert you from the real topic of your post--voting--ask him about that.
What is it you'd like to know Liz?
You want to talk politics? You know I'll talk to you about anything! Anything! As far as parties go, the lines have been smeared to a blur as of late so I am no longer attatched to a particular party. I vote for the person anymore.
. I can divert with the best of pilitricks ;-)
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