Friday, November 17, 2006


Accidents Can Happen

Living in the "South Side" of Hampton Roads, at times, can be like the Island on LOST. Desperate needs to escape are oft thwarted by unwelcome beasts. Today the beast was in the all too familiar form of traffic. Not just the normal beast of an accident in the underwater passage, but another in the form of an accident that involved an oil spill on the "other" side in Newport News. The second beast forced a reversal of direction and a change of plans. I would not get off the island. On the way back the I could see across the median that the path of my attempted escape still remained blocked.

So after 3.5 hours in my car, in quest of a nice trail to ride, I found myself very frustrated and back near where I started. Still on the South Side and at the nice local spot to get ny RideOn:

Da Swich

The beautiful day was not a loss. No challenging hills and tire changes as planned, just a simple day of riding and smiling.

Da tight and twisty Swich is not "niner friendly", but friendly enough to keep me happy. On my first trip around I wondered how they could find their way through the leave covered maze on the Wednesday night ride.

Da Bridge at Da Swich

The first time across one of the bridges my rear wheel tried to pass my front. whhhhhhheeeeeeeew. A stick save and a beauty. Later on in the loop I had that deja vu feeling, like I'd been there before. Not about the trail, because I certainly had, but about the near smack down. Then it dawned on me .................... and on my next time around I examined the evidence. The tell-tale slide out track ......... , the slippery leave covered boards, a pedal scrape.....

This must of been the scene of the crime. Tell me if I'm wrong.


and watch out for dem slippy bridges


hell yea, traffic sucked today! You ever try listening to 610 am? Constant updates.
The strange thing about the slippery bridge is that it doesn't look slick! But then again, neither do i...
we need to ride the switch one full moon no lites..........danbo knows the switch
Yes, Bill not only slid out but he was pushed back down by blogger cameras. One full moon and no lights out there would be lots of calling in sick the next day.
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