Monday, November 13, 2006


Get It While You Can

Sunny Saturday Part One

Saturday was like summer. Gotta get it while you can. JLaw hadn't ridden more than 65 miles this year and wanted to add a pre-loop to the three-loop, then a post loop to get a century in. To be sure I was warmed up I went out for a pre-pre-loop at 5:30AM.

The 7:15er was packed. Just a small sampling of the folks that showed (--->)

C-C-C-C-Colors were everywhere. In the trees and on the riders.

Super Sally and DoubleM.

Legs felt good for the first time since Texas 3 weeks ago. JLaw flatted at the end of loop 3. Other than that his century went off without a hitch. Probably 112-115 miles for me, but who's counting?

Then it was off to YRSP for some MTBin'. Gotta make hay when the sun shines.

Head-count (all numbers are purely approximate until verified by our accountants)

Pre-Pre Loop : 1
Pre Loop : 4
7:15 TriPower Loop : 50-60
8:30 Conte's Loop : 50 or so
9:20 Blue Moon return loop : 20-30 Pretty spread out by then.
Post-Loop : 2

The wind blew harder as the day went on, temps topped out in the high 70's SWEEEEEEET. Tan lines in November. I understand the power of the IronCross socks, but the toe-warmers? Oh Art.



DUDE, do tell how the 29'r adventure went!
We had to use the wonderful weather and shoot some pics, we had to quickly purchase a tri-pod. I tried to explain that I was a tripod, but it dint go over well...
We'd still like for you to shoot if we can link up.
Freakin toe warmers---Another one for the upcoming pansy cross!
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