Friday, November 24, 2006


Fast Friday

Last sunny day in F-L-A.

~15 people at Lakemont Elementary to start. Someone describes the normal Friday ride :

"It's where all the fast racers guys lap around Tuscawilla trying to beat up on each other."

OK. So it is, and so it was. So much for a recovery day. Got my butt kicked. Fell off the lead group of 5 with one lap to go. Thought they'd slow down on the way back to Winter Park. Maybe they did a bit. I was still strugglin' to hang on.

Asked John if that was the way Friday normally is.

"Nope we only got up to 30 today, when all the fast guys are here we go faster."

Always have a great time pedalin' with the folks down here. Can't wait to come back at Christmas. It's like my home away from home.



Always great riding with ya John. Have a good race up there. -Todd
come baaaaack!
Florida and everyone is dressed for -20? Yikes, must be that thin blood! JM
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