Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hilbert #3

Nice sunny cool day for some MTBin'.

SpeedyBillG has some smooth on ........... until -

Fast downhill,
Stick jumps up into front spokes,
Snags the brake line (arrow),
Locks up wheel,
Sends Bill over the bars, still clipped in.
Trashed front rim.
He's banged up and bruised, fortunate it wasn't worse.
Tough end to a short day.

Michael rode hard and strong to a 4th in Pro/Expert. The race was fast and furious with the Justin's (Raynes and Riddle) gapping the 2nd group of McMillan, Suydam and Hosang. Raynes won. McMillan 3rd.

Danbo and Andy rode much of the first 4 hours together in 2nd and 3rd (Enduro division). An Arsenal rider got away. Schup had major wheel bearing/hub issues.

1 hour to go, Dan seen sitting on picnic bench with cramped up leg. He got one more lap in. Should've finished 3rd I believe. At least he remembered his gear this week.

TurboTim notched a win in his first ever MTB race. WTG.

I trashed a loop on my Cranky pedal on a hidden root during a short pre-ride. Couldn't clip in, didn't realize it till the race started. Was mad and frustrated, wanted to quit. Didn't. Cause I like to get my



A few teasers are up.............

Nice pics JB. Had a blast at the Hilbert series. Hope Bill is recovering. Let Tim know he will be in my cross-hairs next year!!
Hilbert was great Scott. You did well.

I think Tim likes mountain bike racing........
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