Saturday, November 04, 2006


Pickin' Up the Slack

OK, I've been a slacker. With this weekend near, figured I'd better put up a little about last weekend! Hah. Blogging in the past tense.


Went up for a pre-ride of the TMBC course. Ran in to this lovely couple in the field and rode with them. Jimmy's wife has some serious potential, tackling that course after only a few mountain bike rides. She's also a lot more pleasent on the eyes than Big Daddy. Did the preride on my SS w/ a wimpy 20t cog. Only 1 week after the Texas 24hr, I was curious to how weak my legs would feel. Not too bad, considering. I was actually thinking about maybe putting a 19t on for the race ........... very glad I didn't.

Saw the fast JB, et al, finishing up his preride. Lots of local rumors that he would be on a SS. Not sure where they started, but they proved to be false.

Spent the night on that side of the water rather than driving back. Stayed away from the KOA campground where the locals practice strange and secret pre-race rituals. Glad I missed that!


The TMBC is in it's 19th year. One of the longest running MTB races in the nation. Private property. Great for spectators. REALLY fun course to ride/race. First race I ever started and finished on my SS. Was happy. Legs were beat. As is the post 24 hour race norm, recovery after anything over LT was slow to non-existant. The hills were killing me at the end, but was very happy just to be out there. Was good to see master wrench Roberio out there.

Was also good to see Charles make the trip up from NC. He was riding strong and smooth in the enduro class. The dude behind him was on his wheel for at least the first 2.5 hours.

Never heard how it ended as I took off for Richmond and the ...............

Chimborazo Cross

The Team had a great turnout, and a strong showing. I "played" with the idea of trying to do both races, but I'd of REALLY had to bust a$$ to get there on time ..................... so I didn't. HAH.

Heck, if I'd of made it there, it would of been a (futile?) struggle to stay ahead of young Holly Owens, who was racing men's C, after a second place in Women's A. National Cross Champ last year. 15yo now, incredible list of cycling achievemants.

Speedy BillG had the andele' andele' workin' and took 3rd in B. Then still had the time and energy left to pimp our sponsors. WTG.

The Men's A Race was a wire to wire win by Greg Wittwer (Fort Factory Team). One thing you can be sure of ......... when you see anyone at a cross race in a Fort kit, they'll be going fast.

Now back to the present day. Went out for a chilly group ride this AM. Only the second time on my road bike since Texas. It sure rolls easier than the CX bike. Maybe I'm a soft southerner, but riding on the road with temps in the 30's and a 15mph north wind is c-c-c-c-cold. OK, it wasn't that bad once you got warmed up. It's just that time of year.

Hilbert tomorrow, Brrrrrr



Very nice face blocking there!
yea, that guy looks like he tripped on the log!!!
Sometime you have to protect the guilty.

Actually I think his relationship with the log might be a bit more intimate than a Trip. hah
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