Saturday, December 02, 2006


A Bad Bad Blogger

OK, even the wise one is pissed. I've been a bad boy. Ignoring my blog. Busy with Trashmore Cross pics and making up another blog.

Been off the bike for 5 days, that sucks. Had an old back problem rear its ugly head and immobilize me. Was reaching for something and sitting down at the same time. BAAAM, like a hot poker in my back. By the end of the day I could hardly move without yelping like battered pup.

Medication and rest seems to have it under control. May ride tomorrow. This is what I would've been doing today if I could walk comfortably. Looks like Danbo, Crazy, K-Dog and da boys had a great day of it. I'm green with envy.

On the Ultra Road front :

RAAM has been sold. John Hughes and Fred Boethling purchased it with the intention of keeping it going. Best wishes to them on their endeaver.

An Ultracycling buddy (and old highschool classmate) of mine will be doing the RAAM solo thing in '07. I'd love to be able to crew for him, but that amount of time off would be impossible. So I'm helping the best I can by setting up and running his blog for him. Should be exciting with daily reports during the race. JohnJ has incredible ultra palmares and an unbelievable ability to recover quickly. If you or anyone you know is looking for an adventure as his crew member, let me know.(this blog name at mindspring dot com)

The final results are up for the 24hr John Marino Competition. Whozat at the top? BFDeal. One of my goals for the year was to get in 3 24hr road races. I did. They were certainly my best rides (at any distance) of the year. That I'm first in the group doesn't mean a whole lot. I'm happy with the results regardless.

If I was really after the "title" I would've entered the drafting allowed divisions, and made sure I did the National 24 in Michegan. A fast drafting race. I think its a requirement to do the UMCA24 also. Nevertheless, I got to race with some great folks and had some awesome experiences. Looking forward to next year.

Hope ya'll got out there and got you're


('cause I couldn't.)


we rode extra, and took extra pics and video just for you JB!
Good job on the results, and the new ultra blog. I look forward to following it. thnx for getting the fork up back to me. lemme know if you need again in the future...
danbo knows back pain!!!!!!! nice work on the endurance ridin......
Easy to find names when they are at the TOP. Hope your back heals soon.
Great going JB!!
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