Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Almost Here

Just barely 36 hours till

dude, I'm an idiot. Took me 2 minutes to figure out your pict.
Are you going up?
Also, How's the C'dale 29er doing?

I'm up here now. Just as support for the boys. Pit monkey, Bike cleaner, photos, videos. NO - I don't do massage.............gotta draw the line somewhere.

Rode the course today, it's effin AWESOME. Gonna be WICKed fast. Can't imagine sloggin' it through the snow like they did last year. 55 and sunny today. I'll have some stuff up later

The niner is sitting calmly, waiting for abuse which will start next year.
At first when I saw those pics, I thought those guys had given you a bad map and pointed you in the wrong direction.
Hey have fun! If you have a chance stop by the tent. They're gonna have the new CX bike from Salsa there.

Say hi to 'em for me if you do.

Again, have fun. Talk soon.

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