Monday, December 11, 2006


Spinnin' Wheels

Pretty much finished with JohnJ's RAAM blog/site. Some minor fine tuning to do here or there. When updates are made I'll post a linky here. Used the new BetaBlogger. Spun my mental wheels a bunch learning the new template code, but it came together nicely. BetaBlogger is a better more stable and functional platform. Probably migrate this blog to beta over the holiday. Would really like a 3 column template, but Blogger doesn't have one. I almost have it worked out.

So how do you train for RAAM in the great white north of New Hampshire? Mainly on an indoor trainer like everyone else does when it's too cold. JohnJ is kicking it up a notch by riding indoors for 50 HOURS at a local fitness center. Yep. 50 hours on a trainer, day and night, 'round the clock. He started today at 4PM. He'll take part in a bunch of spin classes as they come and go. He'll be riding until Wednesday morning. SICK.

That's some (RAAM style) mental toughness there. Where do I get mine?

Working on a new helmet cam setup that uses flash memory instead of a digital recorder with moving parts. Should test it out tonight and tomorrow, and hopefully have the bugs worked out by Cross Nats. The entire setup weighs less than a pound including the power supply.

Props to all the TriPower crossers on a successful VACX series.



that page makes me want to get out on the dance floor!
Nice job building JJ's blog. Lots of hard work it appears!
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