Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Now THIS Ride is Gettin' Some Personality

Easy Like A Sunday Morning....

As it goes, group rides are fascinating organisms. They take on a persona totally their own that reflects not just the original intentions, but the collective wants and whims of the riders that happen to show up that day.

The Easy Sunday (aka Lionel Ritchie) ride had it's genesis last year sometime. It came about as a later in the morning alternative to the very early ride down to Pungo to chase the Fast Frogs. Piling that Fast Frog Sunday ride onto the Fast Saturday TriPower rides was a one-two punch that could KO all but the most fit and speedy riders. So BJ made the ride official and the turnouts have been large and growing.

Simple premise - We keep it slow and easy (below 22mph)until well after the Redmill store. Then Wild Bill (with permission of course) takes off on a flyer to get our heart rate up. If you're going to make that break you'd better be up near the front, or you're sure to have a wicked hard effort to bridge up.

We regroup in Creeds, then set out for a ride back.

On the way back it's easy to the first Church, then hammer time. You can't touch this .................

The Return of the Crazy Train.

Now that we have Michael back on the road and riding hard it adds the missing element. He busted a$$ after the regroup from the back of everyone to catch us way up the road. We had a full, albeit slightly squirrelly, head of steam. The Silver Fox aint quite as Foxy after the wreck, but he's back out and riding strong.

This gives rise to one more impromptu regroup in Ocean Lakes where the priviledged get to fuel up on BrennaBars(TM).

So If you aren't doing anything next Sunday - 8AM Conte's Laskin Rd. Come on out and get your



PS - My buddy (and all around ultracycling stud) JohnJ is at it again. If all goes well he'll be going for the unofficial record for spinning. So stop by the blog and leave him an encouraging comment or 2.

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