Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Another Day

Sunrise beside the Blue Moon this AM for the 7:15er.
Wet foggy air early gave way to a beautiful day.
Crit canceled Sunday due to rain.
AtD (Art the Dart), is progressing day by day at Va Bch Sentara Country Club. His head wants out of there, but his body (and his docs) may keep him a day or 2 longer. He's gotten lots of visitors, lots on love, but not nurse Lindsey's phone number. Come on Art, bust a move! In his defense he's been trying to bust a move(ment), but you know what that pain medicine does to your system .....
It was the first carnage in over 2 years of group rides, and just shows us all what a fine delicate line we balance on. Happened on the 3rd saturday loop and I hate to say I'm quite glad I missed it. May everyone recover quickly.
RideOn (rubber side down).

So when is NL getting blogged?
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