Sunday, February 11, 2007



Hit up the Swich w/ D-Bo Friday.

I think Lon Haldeman said :
"You can train too much, but you can't ride too much."
Friday was a GREAT ride.

Dan was dressed like a Ninja, (Ninjas are often lurking in shadows, even when fixing a flat on a frigid sunny day)

and he rode like one too.

Ninjas don't carry extra tubes, or CO2.

They make them magically appear (out of their riding partners pockets) when they flat.

Lots of stunts, skinnies, teeters, and what not at the Swich since I was there last. Fun stuff.

Made plans for the Florida road trip.

Fixed gear lust - soon to be sated .



Ninjas are cool! And trendy. If you haven't seen them, you should check out this series of videos: Ask A Ninja.
cool shopping!
Nice Fixie
Tell me offline how much that piece is...
sweet dan rides those`ll probaly be snowin when we leave 4 the FLA.......
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