Saturday, February 24, 2007


Cold? ....... nah

Pretty impressive turnout for the 7:15 group ride this AM. Considering this IS Virginia BEach and the temps were high 20s with a 15+ mph gusty north wind.

Looking at the photo I had to wonder - Who's the mystery rider with the belly ache?.......

A closer look reveals nothing

Rumor spread it was Jan, here for some early training to drop those winter pounds he's so fond of collecting. The diet of hummas and Heffeweisen has made his tummy a bit uneasy.
Was a nice day to get a

Nice one. I had whipped up a Jan face graft last year for some joke or other with Madship. I'll see if I can dig it up out of my email...
I am going to guess Gilmer.
Wait, now that I saw the whole photo and saw where we were, I knew that Gilmer was behind me at that point on ride. That must be his better or his butter half, Tim.
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