Monday, February 19, 2007



You can rate races any number of ways, total miles, finishing place, average speed blah blah blah

But when it comes down to it the thing that sticks with me most is the value and richness of the overall experience. Seeing the sights, smelling the smells, feeling the pain, making the memories.

This whole weekend has been one of the best.

D-Bo doing

some prerace wrenching for me.

Ace mountain biker Andy got to try his first Ultra Road Race, he won his age group.

Andy brought his crew which I adopted, or did they adopt me? Between them and D-Bo I had more help than ever at one of these.

JohnJ at the start - he won the 12 hour. That's Bryce in the background.

Bryce has some crazy skills I didn't even know about. 65 miles in. Didn't realize it was him til I looked at the photo this AM.

Had a lot of fun cranking out some of fast laps with Brett during the night shift. He won the 24 hour RAAM division.

Warming up with D-Bo for the Sunday Crit in Dade City .
More later,
Check Dans site for some more.

Is that. . .a balaklava. . . in Florida??

But you know we all still want to know those numbers!
i wish i had my bacalava!!!!!!!!!!!brrr........
I really like that last photo. Looks peaceful.
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