Thursday, February 08, 2007


Going LONG

With the first ultra road race just over a week away I've (finally) redone some linkage over to the left. Put some RAAM stuff on the top as the event is rapidly approaching. 2 folks that are entered this year and 2 that finished last year. And one that, well, he basically started the madness, and he still rides, and rides, and rides, and rides.

If you didn't follow Bryce's blog during last years event, it's worth going back through to read the archives if you have time to burn. Go here to start reading from the beginning of the race. There are some incredible times shared by the crew, as well as some inspiring comments. Good reading. I particularly like the following which is quoted from his blog :

"Imagine being one thousand times more exhausted than you’ve ever been in
your life. Your body started making outright demands for real sleep over 6 days
and 2000 miles ago. Finally, when your legs absolutely refuse to pedal one mile
further without a break, you are told that you are allowed to rest — for 3
hours. Then you are expected to get up, feel rejuvenated, and race well once

Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing Bryce again at Sebring and shaking his hand.

I posted the link to Shanna's new blog which has been pretty active with her preparing for this year's Swiss Gigathlon. The GIG is a 9 day race on foot, inline skates, mountain bike, swimming, road bike, and I don't know what else - 'cause my German isn't as good as it once was.

Here is a link to Shanna's RAAM 2006 blog from the beginning.

The UMCA seems to have run amuk. If you want to read about it go here or here. I would rather just



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