Thursday, March 01, 2007


Keepin' It Simple

Got my FixOn the fixey yesterday.

Not too different than ridin' gears. Still learnin' the subleties. Sounds simple enough :

Power intervals in farty8 x tirteen. No coasting at the end - even though my legs really wanted to.

Must resist urge to bunny hop. Per D-Bo :

"That's a difficult proposition."
Gettin' 'er dialed for a Sunny Sonny Hutchins on Sunday
Aerial Recon



Sweet lookin' bike. On a fixed, I can only bunny hop when drive-side foot is forward. Hopping the back wheel is required for skid/skip stops.
that`s that , i`m on my fixie tomorow.....
Wow, 16 and a half, huh? Sweet! Dig the action shots, too. Got the wrist strap on while contorting for those?
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